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Bil'in & Ni'ilin Reports

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*1-Dozens of people were injured by gas bombs on the fourth Friday in

This demonstration was held on the Fourth Friday in Ramadan , The popular
committee for resisting the wall and settlements in bilin organized the
demonstration, which began after the Friday prayer.
They were supported by villagers and number of international supporters.
They included members of International movment Peace , , Labour Friends of
Palestine & and dozens of Israeli supporters
As the protesters neared the separation wall , teargas was fired heavily at
the protesters and journalists. Clashes continued for hours when the Israeli
military attempted to advance into the village,They continued to shoot tear
gas up on the hill where spectators thought they were in safe range.
Eventually, the IDF ran into part of the crowd and began shooting rubber
coated steel bullets ,Adopted the occupation army in the plan to place
dozens of soldiers among the trees in an attempt to arrest the participants,
but failed to do so .

*2-Ni’lin weekly demonstration 03.09.2010*
2 demonstrators (international activists) got arrested 6 demonstrators
suffered from tear gas inhalations very badly. The medical team had to take
care of them.
Dozens others suffered from the tear gas inhalations in the fourth
demonstration in Ramadan and the people of Ni’lin village continue their
struggle despite of Ramadan and the very hot weather.Like every week, the
demonstration started with a prayer under the olive trees.
7 International and 8 Israeli activists joined our demonstration. As every
friday, the protesters marched towards the Apartheid wall which is being
built on our land. We are very upset because we cannot farm on our land,
some of which was set on fire by the Israeli soldiers 3 weeks ago. The
demonstrators carried pictures which showed the shameful crimes the Israeli
soldiers committed against our prisoners.
When the protesters reached the wall, the Israeli military started shooting
tear gas canisters into the crowd. 6 demonstrators suffered so badly from
the inhalation that the medical team had to take care of them. Again, the
soldiers tried to catch and arrest as many demonstrators, as they always do.
This time they succeeded in arresting 2 International activists, one man and
one woman. The soldiers beat the woman heavily, even when she fell down and
told them that her leg hurt very much they continued to beat her.
It was very strange and also scary, when the soldiers spread into the
orchards and surrounded us; we all felt like in a trap. The demonstration
was finished at 2pm. After a long time of interrogation, the arrested
activists were released .

Popular Committee
Iyad Burnat

 [email protected]    


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