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Yariv Oppenheimer Akunis / Kiril Hadar

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It has always seemed strange to most Israelis that the "peace now" organization have gotten permanent exposure and communicative reference. Nobody understood how a seemingly definite leftist organization could be heard frequently in the mainstream of Israeli media. Nobody understood how the Zionist media wasn't afraid of covering peace now, as a definite leftist organization and some would even say it was an extreme leftist organization.


Last week, in an interview in the parliamentary channel and channel <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />10, a guy named Yariv Oppenheimer was interviewed. By accident, this guy was the secretary general of peace now. Well dressed in a prestigious suit, "talking to the point", a real serious politician. But don't let the suit deceive you, because it didn't end there.


I'd like to note that at the beginning of the interview I thought for a moment that the parliament member of the Likkud, Ofir Akunis, was interviewed, there was an non-ignorable external similarity between them and their voices are also very alike/ A quick blink got me back to track and I recognized that it was Yariv Oppenheimer, the secretary general of peace now.


I sat comfortably on the couch, turned up the volume by the remote control, and listened to our "partner on our way", or it seemed to be that way. Rhetorical questions by Nekhama Duek, the experienced interviewer, that were easy to answer from Mr. Oppenheimer's worldview were asked. But with Nekhama Duek, "the big fish" were not late to arrive.


The first fish answered to the name "the Golan heights". So Mr. Oppenheimer detailed his opinion about the Israeli occupation on the Golan heights: "There are very nice people there, so we'll have to get to an arrangement with the Syrians". There was not even one clear word about the Israeli necessity to abandon the Golan heights, not one clear word about the necessity of normalization with Syria, one of the key countries in the middle east, and not one clear word about ending the Israeli occupation on the Golan heights.


We're getting to the second fish, named Ehud Barack. So Mr. Oppenheimer detailed his opinion about the quality of the Israeli defense minister's way of action: "A responsible and understanding man". In these exact words, while bluntly ignoring the fact that Ehud Barack was the major executor of the Cust Lead operation in which over 1300 Palestinians including women and children where butchered. Ehud Barack, who was sitting in a coalition with extreme right winged political parties that include nationalist, fascist and extremely religious characters.


So we're continuing to the third fish: Hamas. So Mr. Oppenheimer detailed his impertinent opinion about that Palestinian organization: "enemies of peace". We thought that there was an internal consensus in the real leftist camp about the need to immediately begin with direct talks with the military and political leaders of Hamas, as Gideon Levi wrote in his article "When talking to the Hamas" in details because just like Israel negotiated with the Hamas regarding the tape of Gilad Shalit, there is no doubt that talks about the destiny of two peoples must take place. But according to Oppenheimer's words, the elected representatives of the Palestinian people, or in another words, the Palestinian people, are nothing but enemies.


The fourth and deep fish, is the Goldstone report, and Mr. Oppenheimer's response about it was not different in it's nationalism from his other responses in this interview in it's terrifying contempt in the proper and vindicated report by the judge Richard Goldstone. Apparently, according to Mr. Oppenheimer's point of view, the blood of the murdered Palestinians and its expensive price to the Jewish people in Israel and abroad should not be counted or published.

At the end of the interview, after watching Mr. Oppenheimer's horror show, I understood that maybe my fears at the beginning of the interview about the identity of the talking interviewee, and a momentary confusion that maybe it was the parliament member Ofir Akunis were true? I wish. But the person that "starred" in front of my eyes on the screen was Yariv Oppenheimer, "our Yariv" in person. So maybe Ehud Barack was right when he said "a healthy system should refresh its components" regarding the replacement of Gabby Ashkenazi, the Israeli military general. This was undoubtedly a serious issue to think about regarding Mr. Oppenheimer's continuance of service as the secretary general of peace now.




* The writer is the chairman Deborah Congress



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