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Israeli Military Invades Ma'asara, Detaining and Threatening Activsts

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Night Raid in Al Ma'asara Village

At 11pm on Thursday April 8th IDF soldiers raided the home of Hassan and
Mohammed Brejia two Popular Committee members from Al Ma'asara Village. They
detained Hassan in a jeep for about an hour while asking for his brother
Mohammed. Hassan continued to be held and threatened until Mohammed arrived.
After an hour they were both released. The soldiers threatened that if there
are any "problems" at the demonstration tomorrow, Mohammed Brejia would be
arrested. Soldiers also threatened committee member Mahmoud Zwahre by
telling Hassan and Mohammed to "send their regards to Mahmoud". Their home
has been raided multiple times since the beginning of the year due to their
involvement in demonstrations against the wall and settlements. Both Hassan
and Mohammed were arrested at the Palm Sunday demonstration in Bethlehem and
have court on April 18th. As of 12:15am (Friday) there were still soldiers 
on the outskirts of the village.   


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