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State hasn't been able to guarantee neutral and fair trial

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 SUMMONS AGAINST FINLAND January 25th, 2010 [2010 January 5th, 2010] STATE OF FINLAND IS NOT ABLE TO QUARANTEE NEUTRAL AND FAIR TRIAL TO ITS CITIZEN State of Finland has not been able to guarantee neutral and fair trial during 15 years long period, in which time all crimes and violations has taken place in Finland by Finnish Government Officials and private persons. Actions taken by Finnish Police are violating several laws. Economical frauds (property frauds, inheritance law violations, constitution etc.), property crimes based on frauds (personal property losses, faking debt as inheritance against one’s wish) are not inspected when reported, nor are loses compensated caused due to false judgments inspected or compensated. District Court systematically uses formula of requesting to append Application for Summons at accuracy not relevant for setting a Court Day. At District Court notaries are inspecting frauds instead of a competent judge. Appending 15 years documentation for Court could mean several days task to copy the evidence, not to mention the costs of copying these set several times during this period of time. And still the answer remains the same; no reason for legal actions, even in cases were solicitor have inspected case and requested it to be inspected as a property fraud. When case evidence are against local Police [via Central Criminal Police to Finnish Security Police and Ministry of Interior, there is no hope for these people assisting in civil cases against Government Officials. People loose their property due to police and lawyers actions, layers then take people under custody and try to control both people’s life and property. People loose their human rights and government is in this way controlling them staying in Finland and guarantees them being poor for the rest of their life. At the same time police controls those they allow to enter Finland as a refugee, how these people are educated and were these people are located in labour market. Cycle closes and those in charge of taking the right to live from Finns away need to run their machinery by accepting controllable work effort in Finland. Government Police and legal reps. forbid revealing names having committed actions against humanity and continue terrorizing people and their families. People are not allowed to protect themselves and they eventually may face the same destiny to Jewish people during Nazi Germany time. When Finnish Solicitors refuse taking cases against legal representatives and police, as solicitors are in fear of loosing their charge to get hired on Government Post, and as Finnish Government is paying legal expenses on the behalf of their clients to solicitors in most cases, is the system built in a way preventing law and justice to happen. When solicitors do not accept property cases against their colleagues or police, in the end these same lawyers apply the right to control unreadable and blurred property – property lost due to failures and neglects caused by their own legal colleagues and police. System has been build in a Russian way supporting socialism and communism. Legal reps. are well paid off so they do not want to get involved solving crimes conducted by Socialist Government Machinery. Similarities to Russia are obvious. Legal reps and police illegalizes publishing names of those having committed actions previously mentioned – another similarity to Soviet way of controlling the society and people’s wealth. All I have is 15 years of Crimes Against Humanity committed by Finnish Police and Legal System and some civilians. However, as I have examined how Police and our government functions, plus few other similar cases, I may only confirm my case against Finland to International Criminal Court of Justice once again. District Court blocks cases in Finland. They rarely reach Court of Appeals and never seem to go as far as Supreme Court. The Office of Attorney General has not seen the crimes solicitor saw. These people cause bureaucracy and their only task seems to be making sure the forms were filled correctly and procedures were followed in stead of inspecting the crimes involved. As a result of all these acts people loose their property and eventually their case evidence as they are usually driven to live on streets without work, home or family. In this way Finnish State may appeal into mental decease in the end, when people having sufferance from this State’s discretion have just had enough of it and start using anarchy in protecting their legal rights or what is left from it. It is not very harmful for Finnish Legal System to play with some African and judge him from Crimes Against Humanity at the same time these people have not cleaned their own back-yard. And based on the level of inspection we already know the result may be very questionable, but at least we do not have death penalty in Finland, in stead our government officials will arrange life time lasting suffering as a poor. Such cases shown on International Media is like the tail swinging the god; they draw attention and move focus into something else in stead of handling domestic civil affairs according to Laws. The juridical administration and police provides legal security only to government officials and lawyers, but not civilians. Legal security has bee proved not to a fundamental right of Finnish Citizen. Even Constitution of Finland claims, that everyone is entitled to have his or her case heard by a court or an authority appropriately and without undue delay is practice different and claims only decorative clauses without any real content. Constitutional right to have a decision affecting his or her rights or obligations to be reviewed by a court or another judicial authority does not fulfil either. Constitution contains a fundamental provision on the guarantees of a fair trial and good public administration and al this turns out to be is a big lie based on 15 years field experience. Such most important guarantees like the openness of proceedings, the right to be heard, the right to receive a reasoned decision and the right to appeal against the decision never take place as court handling are dismissed, revoked and blocked. Openness of proceedings is a provable lie as people have to publish their cases on internet in a fear of officials disturbing their life for not being settled in front of court. Openness of proceedings is lie in an other respect as well; freedom of a written word does not occur in Finland as case evidence must either be published openly abroad or in a known administrator web-site in preventing police or officials removing case evidence. Judicial administration can not consists of the independent courts of law as only prosecutions from police are accepted in stead of based on civilian requests as well, prosecution service is one sided, enforcement authorities have not been competent enough or are focusing on such formalities as police and court having filled forms correctly and followed procedures in stead on inspecting the issue itself, the enforcement of judgments are not inspected at the level they should, and a good example of The Finnish Court and Prison Service is Kari Uoti (Doctor of Law) as an expert of Finnish Human Rights violations having faced HR violations himself as well. And we did already handled Bar Association and the other avenues of legal aid, which is nothing but A State parasites fed by the State Automata and not willing to kill the milking cow. I have seen 15 years time how State of Finland and its officials have been able to ruin six inheritance property plus almost my personal heath. There has been times were I have spent four or five days from seven day week in writing correspondence with government officials, and this has not been on my wish. I think it has been time to put an end either to this state despotism and end this madness were state machinery is simply killing its civilians by committing acts inhuman. Thus I appeal to International Criminal Court and all those reading this letter to end the despotism this State practices against its citizen. Gentlemen, can I be this wrong with the credit I have? I do understand I am not perfect, nor is my case, but this government action is pure madness to an average level citizen trying to protect their legal rights! If I may suggest a personal solution to Finnish legal representatives, police and politicians involved to be carried out via intelligence agencies; actions necessary in returning Finnish Law and its correct interpretations under circumstances were Finnish Government police and legal reps has failed. Finland is closely related to Soviet Union and Russia; Finnish history, politicians, government officials and business are closely related to or influenced by. What Soviet Union were not or Russia is not able to manufacture in Russia, they are able to manufacture in Finland with the latest technology available. Finland, the first 'western' civilization of /6/ Russia's experimental laboratory takes care of its citizen Legal and Human Rights similar way to Russia. State and media is controlled in a similar way to Russia and by the Police. Our media works same way to Russia and follows same procedures – not a single private independent media without a monitoring eye of police and not a single site allowing statements revealing how our (government) lawyers and police commit their work. Finnish reporters feel Russia and its circumstance is a taboo not freely and openly speakable. Reporters working with mass media are allowed to publish only positive stories about Russia even everyone knows that a coin has got two sides. By doing so, a clear picture of Finland as some kind of a Legal State without any harms can given abroad and state reps can not be harmed by revealing the truth. People respect only work in Finland and status gained through work – an other similarity to Russia. Long term studies, (deep time and money consuming) scientific research, moral and ethics are no longer valued as they should. Legal Representative from a Socialist Party as a working President is equal to having a Staling in power; truth being silenced and State secured to the top level. Why? Finns were not informed Russia's influence and intruding in our government; not a single book were published on Finnish Security Police and their connections to Russia between years 1950 – 1990 (roughly) by Finnish research to public. Finnish politicians did not tell us about these things, they committed a defraud against their citizen by making cabinet agreements with Russia and settled they own positions. /1-7/ Victims are not being recruited into government because police makes their security statements and layers act as managers in our government bureau. After ruining our life, income and family, these people are usually not very keen on recruiting someone who knows these people's intellectual aim. Victims can not be hired into private sector as they usually depend on government trade and due to pressure caused by. Foreign business in Finland could employ, but usually they export to Russia or government as well. Running a business of your own, but who to sell in a state filled with closed and secret monopolies? Common people, who has been kept relatively poor and in a shadow from Soviet Union's policy and bad acts are praising for Russia and hoping it will save and employ them. Caused poverty and lack in information servers both Russia and Finnish interests. All this has bee written with one remark of not aiming this towards Russia people suffering the same problems. I'm fully aware of the fact people are not causing the wars – politicians do; my grandfather's father went to the other side of the village across the Swedish border into Russia side to meet his becoming wife. I do not wish to write this or any other story, but too many government bureau (mainly layers and policemen) have failed to take care of matters which require attention according to our Laws. Not publishing this story would mean accepting communism and property distribution against the Laws; an act that may face anyone in the society. Even the poorest can not earn and this ideology feeds Stalinism. So do they (the poorest) cheer as they do not understand how power controls them. Their children follow the State blind for the same reason. Which one is better - the way it works now or making the change? Åke Tyvi B.eng (Software Engineering) Student in a Scientific University /1/ Anne Kuorsalo – Ilmari Susiluoto – Martti Valkonen, Salaisen Poliisin valtakunta – KGB, FSB ja suhteet Suomeen. Edita Prima Oy, Helsinki 2003, ISBN 951-37-3863-9. /2/ Oleg Gordievsky & Inna Rogatchi, Sokea Peili.WSOY-Kirjapanoyksikkö, Juva 1997, ISBN 951-0-21082-x. /3/ Kyllikki Kaloinen ja Niilo Anttila – Aimo Kaloinen – Jaako Kauppila, Syrjänmaan taistelu 1918. Karisto Oy, Hämeenlinna 2008, ISBN 978-951-99770-2-7. /4/ Simon Sebag Montefiore, Stalin Punaisen tsaarin hovissa [STALIN The Courf of the Red Star]. WS Bookwell Oy, Juva 2004, ISBN 951-0-29502-7. /5/ Edward Lucas, The new Cold War. Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., London 2008, ISBN 978-0-7475-9636-3. /6/ Rautkallio Hannu, Laboratorio Suomi - Kekkonen ja KGB 1944-1962. WSOY 1996, ISBN 951-0-21442-6. /7/ Harry Rositzke, KGB - yhteenveto KGB:n vallasta ja voimasta. 1984, ISBN 978-951-92033-6-2. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.12 (MingW32) iEYEARECAAYFAktdZ9MACgkQcm8h92GzuxaRTgCgsWsT5glM/ahyQ3yQkBactGpV FUQAn3L5OJzrRwkGkCEqqgz3FVqQSvqb =4nd9 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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