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Demolitions Continue in Naqab (Negev)

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Association for the Support and Defense of Bedouins' Rights in Israel



Press Release April 13, 2010 


             An unforgivable act of barbarity 


Police forces, the so-called "Green Patrol" and Israel Lands Authority officials brutally destroyed this morning dozens of tents and huts, the only homes of Bedouin families living on their lands in the Al-Arakib and Tawil Abu Jarwal areas of the Negev. Eviction orders were stuck on additional dwellings. 

Such criminal acts are perpetrated again and again by the state authorities, roughly and without qualms, despite the ongoing judicial proceedings aimed at proving the e the Bedouin citizens' ownership rights. Already decades ago, claims for ownership of the land were filed with the Interior Ministry, and the Bedouins are in possession of documents substantiating this claim. 


The authorities' acts are intended to dispossess the owners of their lands and pass them on the Jewish National Fund. The intention is clear: to take over the land of peaceful helpless citizens, simply because they belong to the oppressed Arab minority in Israel. We demand the cessation of such reprehensible acts against a peaceful population which is living in the Negev for many generations. 


 Nuri al Okbi, Chairperson 0545-465556,     




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