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Lobby OECD To Cancel Jerusalem Conference

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Dear friends,


Please find attached the text of the Open Letter we have sent to the OECD regarding their decision to hold their annual Tourism Conference in Jerusalem. We oppose this decision and the Open Letter discusses this and urges a change of venue for the Conference.


In solidarity with us, please assist us in widening the advocacy in the following ways:


  1. Send our letter to the OECD with the endorsement of your network/group/ organization on your letterhead, OR, rewrite the Letter as suitable for you and send it. (It is sufficient to send the letter to the first four listed in the Open Letter which provides the email addresses).


  1. Send the letter or your version to your own OECD country representative, if relevant, listed among the addresses.


  1. Also send the letter to the relevant/appropriat e people in your government and opposition (if it applies) in your country.


  1. Please circulate the letter to the other networks you collaborate with, requesting them to do as in 1, 2, and 3 above.


  1. Please circulate the letter and an accompanying press release to the media you deal with in your country and beyond. 


This advocacy needs to be extended as widely as possible around the world in the interests of justice in Palestine and Israel.


Thanks for your help and solidarity.


On behalf of ECOT, Kairos Palestine and ATG,


Rami Kassis

Executive Director

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Alternative Tourism Group - Study Center

Beit Sahour, 74 Star Street, P.O.Box 173, Palestine

Tel: +972 2 277 2151, Fax: +972 2 277 2211, Mobile: +972 598 944144

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