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Don't Say We Didn't Know 223

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 The settlers and the IDF have been trying to get Palestinian land owners out of the Umm Zeituna valley in the South Hebron Hills for many years.

On Wednesday, 21st July, 2010, a young shepherd came to Umm Zeituna from Tuba in the same region.  He had intended to water his sheep at a rainwater cistern in the area.  Three settlers turned up, one of them armed, while his friend stole a sheep from the herd.  Soldiers who were present nearby did nothing to prevent that theft.   The shepherd was equipped with a video camera, given to him by the human rights organization B ’Tselem, and documented the whole event with it.  Police who were summoned didn’t question the shepherd , or accept his video.  Instead, the shepherd ’s father was taken to the police station and warned never to enter that area again.  The shepherd , accompanied by international human rights activists , went to the police station and filed a complaint.

Police escorted the father and returned the sheep to the shepherd.


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