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Palestinian Organizer Tortured in Israeli Jail

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Lacerated wounds are seen on the shoulder of Omar Ala ad-Din, a 25 year-old Palestinian from the village of al-Ma'asara during his medical examination a day after his release from Israeli jail, on 23.03.2010. Omar was nabbed from the Container Checkpoint on Monday the 15th, March, and was subsequently beaten for several hours. Alaaeddin reports having been also tortured in the Israeli Russian Compound Jail in Jerusalem.

He was released yesterday with no charges pressed against him. Omar is known to be one of the organizers of the weekly demonstrations against the Wall in the village of Al Ma'sara. This is the second time this month that an organizer from al-Ma'asara are detained and assaulted at the container checkpoint after Border Police officers recognized them from demonstrations.


Photos by Anne Paq/Activestills.org

More info at stopthewall.org and PULSE


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