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PHOSPHOR Program Of Retaliation Against Israeli "Strategic Interests"

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was established in a country of Northern Europe, under the strictest secrecy. We began with five members each resolute that monied manipulation of world affairs must cease. Various meetings were arranged in the oppressed countries, forming links with those engaged in the armed struggle. It was agreed that we will avoid the taking of innocent life, "terrorism" and focus our efforts towards those primarily responsible for this situation. Our first action was the purchase of some quantity of Potassium Nitrate which now sits in various locations around Europe waiting for the moment when it becomes necessary in the struggle.

We dare any agency to offend us! For the times that our demands, those demands which the people would make were they not hypnotized by television - the moment these are not met we guarantee that there will be grand retaliation with the same venom as the app-laudable Yankee con, self-explosion of the tower blocks. The government who wishes to see the [empty, unpopulated] tower blocks of their financial district fall on the horizon, attack our members and make Zionist accusations against the platform! We are decentralized, spiritual for our idea is pure enough that each one who disappears, another will take up the mantle.


We are indeed. Does the cattle march gladly to the slaughterhouse, sacrificing it's meat so the act of eating can take place... Do they stand happy, their udders attached to the buzz and whirr of the milking machine, pulled right and left... Or perhaps, as is customary in the Divine Land of Ethiopa, you simply cut the neck and drink the blood... Filthy so-called Jews, believe you are so clever that you can walk circles around us? Seven times you entwine us, yet we are fully aware. It is said that if you walk circles around a cow your sins will be forgiven, the Israelis try to entrap us because to their God the concept of forgiveness is alien.

"We are taking gladly to the business of importing milk mixed with meat into the lands where the hungry wish to feed, round and round the roundabouts turn.


Did we say 'mixing meat and milk'? What, we ask the public, does skin and bone look like after being hit with the weapon of Israel, White Phosphorus? The 'meat' of the skin would surely curdle into the flames of the 'milk' white flames of the burning metal, falling from the sky through rooves, through houses, onto the skin of children at play or suckling mothers.

Fuck Israel.

The curdling of skin and flesh into white flames is the mixing of meat and milk. We rest our case. These bastards break their own commandments.


One Rabbi dies each month unless we get what we want, i.e. public explanation of their behind the scenes string pulling. We will target the racists first, and leave it to the liberals to broker fake peace settlements. The exact substance of your imperialist doctrines, the means by which you create and alter the flow of money, your strings which connect the media of Europe to your puppetry - these you must define for the public. You would be surprised to know that the majority of us are in no way white supremacists, rather it is your secret colonialism we oppose.



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