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Don't Say We Didn't Know 229

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Even horrors bear statistics.

According to Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations, about 700 Palestinian children from theWest Bank are annually put on trial in Israeli military courts.  According to a review made in 2009, about 69% of the children claim they were beaten during interrogation, 14% were put in solitary confinement, 32% were forced to sign legal confessions written in Hebrew, a language they do not understand, 69% claimed that threats were made to them during interrogation, and 12% added that sexual threats were made to them, including threats of rape.


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Re: Don't Say We Didn't Know 229

This is truly horrifying; how these kids suffer such unwanted situation because of war and terrorism we are all in. I couldn’t imagine the trauma that the kids suffer because of physical abuse as well as emotional. I might also add the rape or molestation they’ve been suffering from the hands of this unmerciful interrogator. Is this what we call justice? Hopefully, kids won’t be suffering anymore from this kind of abuses!

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