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One injured during a Bil'in night invasion

Watch video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju_U-m6YQJ8


Starting the month off with a bang!


Four Shabak (Israeli Intelligence) jeeps and one military hummer rolled through Bil’in around 3am this morning. Computer screens with GPS maps were visible in the jeeps. They started throwing sound bombs amongst houses when camera people arrived on the scene.

Soldiers in the last hummer taunted the camera people by making chicken noises. It seemed like they were looking for someone or were lost in Bil’in as they turned down side streets and returned to the main road between the school and the mosque. Earlier in the evening residents of Bil’in reported seeing the military throwing tear gas at young kids who were near the Israeli Apartheid Wall. Invasions like this are not uncommon in Bil’in. One person from Bil’in was injured while running to document the invasion last night. There were no arrests. This happened less than one week since the arrest of Bilin Popular Committee member Mohammad Al Khatib.


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