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The village Dar ElHanoun is in danger of eviction

 Israel – More Threats on Unrecognized Arab Villages:

The village Dar ElHanoun is in danger of eviction –

Support the village’s legal struggle!

The Israeli government is escalating its threats against Arab villages within Israel, and has now started establishing two new cities for Jews-only. The unrecognized village Dar ElHanoun in Wadi Ara is in danger of eviction. Following these new threats against Arab citizens, the Negev Coexistence Forum and the Committee for Dar ElHanoun are launching a fund raising campaign for the village.

Support the fund for Dar ElHanoun and help fighting discrimination and destruction!

The Israeli government has recently announced plans for establishing two new cities for Jews-only: One in the south of Israel near the Bedouin village Kuseife, and one in the north, in Wadi Ara, near Kafr Qara. No less than 200,000 new Jewish residents are planned to live in those cities, next to Arab municipalities suffering poverty and house shortage.

The Israeli government openly declares that the aim of these new plans is to prevent the development of Arab municipalities and to dispossess Arab citizens of their land. Indeed, the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs has pursued home demolitions in the unrecognized villages. In the south, the Jewish National Fund is planting forests in large areas, in order to prevent the Bedouin citizens from returning to their original villages. As part of this process, the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs has demolished for the 28th time (!) the Bedouin village Twail Abu Jarwal, located in the forested region. The tractor bringing water to the village was confiscated and all water containers in the village were destroyed. In the north of the country, the State of Israel continues threatening the village Dar ElHanoun, which was established as early as the beginning of the 20th century, on land owned by the villagers. In 2007, the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs demolished the plaza that had been asphalted by the residents and volunteers of the Arab-Jewish group Taayush. Now the ministry is threatening to evict the whole village.

This discrimination must be stopped!

The state of Israel is threatening to demolish Arab villages and refusing to provide them with statutory infrastructure and development plans. At the same time, new Jewish localities are being approved nearby. Against this discrimination, the residents of Dar ElHanoun have initiated a plan that would be used for the expected struggle of the village in the Israeli Supreme Court. By so doing, the residents of Dar ElHanoun are undertaking a considerable financial effort.

You can now help the residents in a struggle that may determine the future of the village!

The expected struggle in the Supreme Court may have grave implications for all the unrecognized Arab villages in Israel. It is an important motion against the Israeli government’s policy, which is trying to evict and expel the unrecognized villages, transfer their residents to densely populated urban townships, and create a geographical space for Jews only.

We call upon all those who oppose the discrimination against Israel’s Arab citizens:

Please contribute to the struggle of Dar ElHanoun’s residents against the government’s attempt to expel them!

Contributions for the Negev Coexistence Forum can be sent as cheques to:

            P. O. Box 130, Omer 84965, Israel – please mention “Dar ElHanoun”

Or as bank transfer to account number 176050, Hapoalim Bank, Omer branch (570),

            Swift code: POALILIT, IBAN number: IL09012570000000017 6050

Please send an e-mail about your contribution to: info@dukium. org

Your contribution will be used for supporting the statutory plan for Dar ElHanoun, and will directly enhance the legal and public struggle of the village.

Join the mailing list of Dar ElHanoun: http://groups. google.com/ group/solidarity -with-dar- elhanoun- ?hl=en

Map of plan for new Jewish city confiscating the land of Dar ElHanoun:               http://dar-elhanoun .org/Harish- map-eng.html



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