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Jan/12/2012– TWTH
Volunteer in English: Luis Lugo
Free Seminars to down criminality, THE WAY TO HAPPINESS. - A common sense guide to live better.
The way to happiness is a little booklet written by L. Ronald Hubbard, which is changing the world. Delivering seminars, workshops and conferences all over the world. This Little booklet is downing criminality, bringing back the moral values to society and returning to the individual his own honesty, recovering and increase his own self-esteem and confidence in himself.
◊ "Making your Life a Fun Game" seminar, 3 hours length.
It’s an entertaining and full of life way to get in the Moral Values topic for the day to day. Aimed to the community in general and the young’s particularly.
◊ “How to expand your business, increase your clients and your income” seminar, 3 hours length,
Aimed to every person who has a business or wants to improve their performance in work. This seminar gives you the guidelines to accomplish a great expansion while you improve your relationships with others.
◊ “Moral Values for the Organizational Culture” seminar-workshop 4 hours length.
Aimed to executives, company’s staff and institutions to raise the compromise and organizational responsibility with the application of the common sense code.
◊ “A Route for confidence and Dignity” Public Seminar, 3 hours length.
Aimed to the public in general. The purpose is to recover the personal epicenter as a generator of a greater honesty, confidence and highlight the ideals and own values of our dignity.
◊ “Education in Moral Values” Workshop, 8 hours length,
Aimed to basic and initial educational teachers to strength the values formation approach and offer varied work tools in the course room and Community, based on the precepts of The way to Happiness.
◊ School for parents seminar: 4 hours length,
Aimed to mothers and fathers with the purpose to bring an approach about raising children, which let them regain the common sense as the decisions and conduct guidelines center with greater sanity for the handling of the children.
For further info please contact: pr.florida@yahoo.com


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