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Let's All Play "Bibi Says"!!!

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 It was a Friday when I heard Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, was going to address the UN General Assembly ahead of the vote to recognize Palestinian statehood, so I just had to come up with a way to lighten the mood.


Let's all play 'Bibi Says'!!

Please repost this, and tell all your friends.

Come on you cranky Zionists. You know you wanna play too ...

I've got a great drinking game you can play along with Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

All you need is access to the speech, at least one friend, and the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

How To Play:

Start by reading Henry Siegman's excellent rebuttal to Israel's bankrupt propaganda (below) and each time Netanyahu dredges up one of these soundly refuted Talking Points, refer to the guide below.

Challenging the Insupportable Arguments against Palestinian Statehood
Henry Siegman

Every time he says that the UN is not the appropriate venue for bringing about Palestinian statehood, take one drink.

Every time he says the so-called 'peace process' or even 'negotiations' - which Israel has used to stall a resolution while illegally colonizing Palestinian territory for decades, and is lorded over by the key enabler and underwriter of Israel's deliberately-perpetuated military, political, and economic campaign to deny the Palestinians their legal rights and steal their land and resources, which is all this really is - is the only place this can be decided, take two drinks.

If he claims the move to sidestep this cruel Orwellian farce violates the Oslo Accords (which he, personally, was instrumental in opposing), make someone else take a drink.

Every time he uses the word 'unilateral', punch your friend in the arm. (Gently, though. You'll be doing this a lot!)

If he says the measure would do nothing to change 'facts on the ground', give a friend two drinks.

If he says "Israel is interested in peace, but/however/although/etc." finish whatever's left in your cup/bottle/can.

Every time he makes a veiled threat or refers to some vague security issue, stand up and turn around three times.

I guarantee by the time the speech is over, you won't know what day it is.

And it's not like you're missing anything.


You already know exactly what he's going to say ...



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