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Mass house demolitions in Al Farisiya - Jordan Valley

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People needed in the Jordan Valley!
For more info contact Fathy 0599352266 or 0522354477

Early yesterday morning the Israeli army demolished 23 homes in Al Farisiya in the
Jordan Valley making 91 more Palestinians homeless. They also destroyed the shelters
for over 1000 sheep that members of this bedouin community owned, and have
'confiscated' the sheep and demanded payment from the farmers for their food!

This is not an isolated incident, but part of the brutal repression of Palestinian
communities in the Jordan Valley that has escalated over the last few months. Just
yesterday demolition orders were issued against farmers in Bardala village. There
have been checkpoints outside Jericho, demolitions in Ras ar Ahmar, and settler
violence in Al Maleh.

This is clearly part of Israel's ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse the Jordan
Valley of Palestinians to make way for the expansion of their illegal settlements.

see for more details

We are calling on others to call their own demonstrations in protest at Israel's
ethnic cleansing, and for internationals in Palestine to go to Al Farisiya to
support the building work and provide an international presence.

The commuity are currently trying to rebuild their houses and would appreciate help.

 Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity    


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