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Beit Omar Demo Report

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IDF Attacks Anti Settlement Protesters
<> IDF troops clashed with
anti-settlement protesters in the West Bank village of Bait Ummar with
soldiers using stun grenades and teargas to disperse the peaceful
The rally started off calmly with Palestinian farmers, internationals and
Israelis activists protesting against the ongoing land confiscations by a
nearby Israeli settlement of Karmit Tzur. Trouble flared when the protest
was blocked by the Israeli military border police, who used riot control
munitions to force the crowd back. 
Bait Ummar, Palestine. 24/07/10

Fil Kaler


Last week, July 17, an Associated Press photographer was seriously injured
in Beit Ommar during the weekly demonstration against the settlement when a
sound grenade exploded near his head, blowing out his eardrum. A strong
statement by the Foreign Press Association was made and Israeli and
international media reported on the incident. Yet all of this attention to
the misuse of these dangerous weapons did not deter the large group of
soldiers present at this week's demonstration from again launching sound
grenades, as well as tear gas, directly at demonstrators, particularly
aiming at their heads.
As the group of approximately 50 demonstrators, including several women from
the village for the third week in a row, were met by the Israeli soldiers
who demanded they leave the privately-owned Palestinian land or risk arrest,
the soldiers again injured a journalist, this time from Reuters, who was
knocked unconscious after having two sound grenades explode on his head and
back while the soldiers were attempting to push the group out of the area. 

 The journalist was assisted at the scene and no arrests were made.




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