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My Father Will Be Free

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Ibrahim Amireh

On 12 January 2010 my father Ibrahim was arrested by the Israeli army and sentenced to two years in prison for organizing and participating in nonviolent protests against the Israel’s wall in the occupied West Bank. Read more about Ibrahim's story, here's more about the upcoming release:

Dear friends, I want to send you a big thank you from the depth of my heart. Your contributions that are meant to free my father Ibrahim, as well as Hassan Mousa and Zaydoon Srour have reached me in Ni’lin. With your generous help I was able to pay the fines necessary to liberate the leaders of our Ni’lin Committee Against The Wall. My father, as well as the other two will be free this Sunday. All of this was only possible because you helped me to free them. 

There are many things I want to tell you, so many things that happened in the past weeks. Please forgive me that I didn’t update you very much in the past month, but there was too much risk my father’s freedom if I talk about it before he is free or even before I could pay the fines. I promise to tell you the details once they come out of the jail and are safe, re-united with us and with their families. In the past days I was a lot in the mountains with time to think. Many things that were going around in my head. I want to share them with you. Only five months ago very few people knew about us, the people from Ni’lin. About our struggle, our pain and the daily injustice, violence and terror that the Israeli soldiers force on us. Only few people that knew about our leaders that were sent to the military prison and sentenced to 20 months and 15 days, based on forced confessions from a mentally ill villager. In the oast few months, newspapers and websites wrote about us, many many people emailed kind words of support and prayed for us, and today, there is a support group on Facebook with 1119 members. 1119 people around the world who care about us, who support our cause, who spread the news about our suffering, some going on lectures and talks in their countries to tell our story. Many of you donated money to help free our prisoners. All of this touches my heart very very much and gives me hope that the world has not forgotten us, and that we are not alone in our struggle. It gives me strength to stand steadfast against the daily opression and to never give up hope. The hope that we all, one day, will be able to go to the sea. As a free people, enjoying the sun, the beach, the water and not being troubled any more by night raids, snipers shooting protesters from the roofs of our houses in order to prevent peaceful protesters to join demonstrations, soldiers shooting tear gas canisters at us and killing people that participate in non-violent protests. A hope that keeps me going in the face of the daily difficulties and hopelessness that we are facing. For this, I am very much grateful to all of you – thank you!!

 Originally published by Support Ibrahim.


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