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How I Won the War

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"Wake it! Shake it! Drag it out and break it!" That was Ken Kesey in Sometimes a Great Notion. 1/9 The Queer Kennedys take the stage! Computerized voting? Sound the alarm in Zion!

The Educated Fool: This is a five part Forum Topix post now titled "Wake It! Shake It!.." or "How I Won the War". Forum Topix is now KAPUT! All Meadeboy articles have been altered and/or removed; @ 5,000 of them! Many of the mentioned Forum Topix Sites are accessible via Directory Topix.

Hola! I have returned to college campuses after thirty years and have found that there is a conspiracy to enable stupidity to thrive to an extreme. This affects students on all levels of education because imposters are forcing them out of higher education. What I say about secret access codes being used is hard to prove since universities are now closed communities with their own access systems like Cornell's Bear Access. With all work now being done on the computer, it is possible for even the stupidest people to graduate from elite universities.

Hi-Tech Fool Report: Prelude: Make W prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he ever graduated from any place. There is no way any school would pass someone who mangles the language like that. It is not anything other than his old man having fried his brain @ 55 years ago. Put an end to this teleprompting or wireless transmission (ear receiver?) of every single word that he says. I bet that you will find that he talks like a moron or worse all the time. Bush Daddy says that VP Cheney has been W's "voice", er, i.e. brains. 10/29 Bush Daddy says that having a dunce in the White House is proof that poopheads are in control. I bet W is functionally illiterate! 10/31 Have you proven that yet?

I feel that now is a good time to reveal how the foolish Bush Nazis who worship stupidity (Deut. 13:6-9) are educated in the 21st century, since they have taken their schemes to new heights following my revelations of their techniques in "Education of Fools Exposed" and other articles, most of which are not available now. What is happening today is nothing like the "Morons America Style" of yesteryear who would just have someone like the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service or Skull and Bones swear on their mother's grave that this or that degree candidate had a "brain", and the degree would appear "out of the blue". No longer can they just attend graduation and slap each other on the back and say they graduated for having attended graduation and securing a forged diploma. Now they actually have to attend the schools for four years, but the System is set up, so that even the stupidest ones can secure a diploma.

Now all of the work materializes via the computer. There are no sites availble that address any subjects in any depth. It is all generalized and dumbed down with very few details of how the knowledge became accepted as fact. As a result of this, all students are getting the same generalized information and producing nearly identical papers on whatever is called for. Even though the professors may claim to change the format each year; the new material is also generalized so that all are doing the same stuff. In steps the wannabe student with fabricated SAT scores and a mastery of computer hacking via secret access codes. Since all students are doing the same generalized work, it is a simple matter to copy another student's work and fool the professor into thinking the wannabe student produced it. Up at Cornell the students avoided the libraries where hackers ruled totally, and a similar situation probably materializes everywhere. Look up any subject on a card catalogue on the computer, and you will probably get one valid reference and a host of worthless ones; thus to seek out other pertinent material, you have to go to the stacks and browse through material with similar call numbers. In the stacks lurk the Bush Nazis who have been tracking anyone using the card catalogue; thus you will find the area of your search full of chemicals in air, usually a moderate concentration of sulphur, which will give you a headache at the very least. After a few tries at doing legitimate original research at a library, the serious student will just relent and rely totally on the generalized excuse for knowledge that is available on the computer. When it comes to testing, it is possible to obtain any test in advance if it has been typed on the computer and/or copied on a copy machine that can be accessed via a computer. This generalization of knowledge has allowed for the proliferation of stupidity in higher education to such a degree that many of the professors are the product of this dumbed down computer knowledge. An A-level paper should include new well-researched information that surprises even the professor reading it; but it probably never happens anymore. Every single interaction between computers is recorded on the Internet, and this hacking business should have been stopped long ago, but it seems like you have to use these secret access codes in order to witness intercomputer communications and such hacking. Even though the detection and elimination of such hacking is the easiest way to straighten out higher education, there are other ways that will work just as well.

As I have made clear before, let them go back to calling on students to read aloud passages from the texts. The professors will be able to see immediately what their intellectual capabilities are. Oral exams might be another foolproof answer, for just picking random material from a topic will determine if a student has a good grasp or a poor grasp of all of the material in the topic. Even in instances where the class is very large, it is still possible to determine whether or not each student knows all the material or just part of it by randomly selecting a portion of it and testing the students individually in person. Since people lacking in intelligence should have never gotten into colleges to begin with, the admissions offices certainly need to do a better job of judging who they are admitting to school. If necessary they could have the students fill out their application forms in person. Since there obviously seems to be flaws in the college board testing process for stupidity to proliferate like this, the scores should be verified via embossed test results from valid sites that cannot be altered in any way. College board tests probably cannot be printed, copied, or put on computers with Internet hookup at all without hackers accessing them. Last but not least, professors might want to vary the method and mode of testing from year to year so that a Bush Nazi could not cheat by obtaining critical information from someone who had taken the course before.

The access codes being used are from the Federal Government; thus it will probably be necessary to restrict the use of such codes in order to stop them from dreaming up another scheme to educate fools. At Cornell they have Cornell Information Technologies, which apparently trains dropouts and flunkouts, teaching them what they need to do to remain on campus and masquerade as students, hacking to their hearts delight. It's probably the same all over. 12/11 Bush Daddy says that Cornell Information Technologies is told that these dropouts and flunkouts are so Gad damn intelligent that they seem stupid! If you know dumkopfs are copying your work, put a few obscene lines in it, something like that, or call up and say that you are one of the poopheads doing this stuff, and you want to make it stop. Re: Public libraries: Video cassettes are a waste of money, worthless films, and proof of illiteracy.

12/27 I received a new TV with a hookup for a computer. I learned that I need a hard drive and a server to hook up. I have found that servers are just a ruse of the System to enslave computer users; plus you should not need a hard drive to use a computer via TV, only a keyboard, for the server should be able to do everything that the hard drive does, especially in this age of wireless computers. If one needs to be dependent on servers in order to use a computer, might as well be dependent on the server for whatever the hard drive does. Considering the amount of toxic waste in a hard drive, one can only conclude that it is all about money and milking the public for all their worth.

Beware the Cornell Police: "These cops at Cornell are hand-picked Bush Nazis from the White House, where they worked for a day or two. They would say, "This one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! That one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! This one's so Gad-damn stupid, he'd make a great cop!" There are forty or fifty of these cops, for that is what it probably takes to defend such stupidity. Every one of them claims to have a college degree, which is most likely backed up by a forged diploma." From Fools of Babylon *** 9/30

From Militant Bush Nazis in the Works 12/24:

Bah! Bush Nazis! Poor excuses for excrement! That's a compliment, meaning they'll never amount to poop! This might be "goodbye" for the year. See Letter to My Librarian on Buffalo and LA IMC. Secure computers just don't come easy these days.

Re: Letter to My Librarian:...Let me point out that I sent an email containing a sample of my work to XXXX at the beginning of this week, and it took 11 tries and publication of the contents as Letter to My Librarian on Buffalo and LA IMCs in order for me to get through to her. What do you think this says about the security of any student who deals with matters such as I do? I bet that if any material that aggravates those who were messing with those emails comes through, the reply doesn't come in print nor do they get 11 tries or the chance to publish their case. I am seeking a secure computer because it is about the only way that I can reach anyone at all.

From Miami FT: Saving Taylor?
11/29 I wonder if the following might have saved Sean Taylor or someone with a similar wound to the femoral artery. I guess it may also depend on how high the wound was; but take a wire coat hangar, pull it up as high as possible in the crotch on the injured leg and twist it tight into a torniquet with a stick of wood or something like that. Even though you may not find it in the First Aid books, I bet that would work for wounds high on the leg where a cloth torniquet just isn't practical. Also direct pressue of 30 plus pounds may have helped in such a situation. Ask Hitler's Health Care what they think about this. 11/30 So! What's the verdict? Would it work? I bet it would work much faster than a cloth torniquet; i.e. less than ten seconds. So fast that Taylor might have been able to save himself if he was alone. There is probably no need to remove the pants either. Duct tape is probably another valid recourse.


12/3/07 MANY ARE CALLED, FEW ARE CHOSEN!?? Did you wonder about CALLED and CHOSEN? Me too! Here I thought that it was Matthew 22:14; but then I realized that it pertains to Revelations 17:14. These kind caring Bush Nazis are making war on the Lamb!(2 Cor. 11:14)


That was from Till He Blesses Buffalo!, something like that. That was a song that I sent to Marv Levy and the Bills when they were moving for the Super Bowl and when I was still working from a manual typewriter and trusting the Post Office. Bush Daddy brags about his poopheads suppressing that song. That line above has to be the most motivational cheer you could yell to make a receiver move like there was no tomorrow.

12/6 NCAA Football was removed from Directory Topix, and Directory Topix had a completely new format! Que pasa? Did you save any Bush Nazis? See Why They Love Bob Meade So Much! Save the Bush Nazis! "Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?(Ps. 2:1) It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." (Is. 55:11) Didn't like the Final Exam? Can always do Practices Marches. "The Practice March of the Army of the Lord had become the Eamon McEneaney Immortalization March from Dryden to Cornell or Eamon McEneaney's Practice March of the Army of the Lord. It can't be a problem if they're just practicing. Practice Marches?!! Here! There! Everywhere! Eight Days a Week! Surely God will be pleased!(Is. 9:14-16) Eamon was one of the best lacrosse players to walk the face of the earth. When those planes hit the WTC, I'm sure that he was moving like there was no tomorrow. Whether or not this march will happen depends upon the lighting of watchfires to confirm that history ended and the end of all things drew close because the Bush Nazis had slaughtered the commemorated innocents listed in my writings. The Lord will appear in a flame of fire. (Ex. 3:2; Ez.1:13; 3:5, 5:4; Is. 26:11; 2Thess. 1:7-8) "..I have seen Him in the watchfires of a hundred circled camps...Let the hero born of woman crush the Serpent 'neath his heel while God is marching on...." What you do is announce the Marches to save the Bush Nazis, have a lot of people show up and make like they are going to march; but they just single out the ones who complain and force them to march. See Holy Smoke! * Bobby Meade for Helpful Hints so that these words will not return to Him empty. Psst! That's a ten mile march! You can blame it on The Lord's! The Lord's, a great Organization that no one can count from every tribe, people, language, and nation.(Rev. 5:9-10; 14:6-7) Need Bush Nazi bait? Trying playing some Meadeboy Messenger Music.

To Omaha IMC: Re: Your fallen ones: Do what they did or should have done in Blacksburg; i.e. "the earth will conceal her slain no longer".(see Holy Smoke!* Bobby Meade) You leave the bodies "like dung upon the open field".(Jer. 9:22) "Those who complain will accept instruction." (Is. 29:24)

From Omaha IMC; Since I didn't chastise the media for glorifying Robert Hawkins, that is what they are doing. They stopped immediately when I chastised them for glorifying the Virginia Tech shooter. I bet you find that this Hawkins kid was idolizing Klebold and Harris of Columbine fame if the police aren't trying to suppress his contacts. I bet you find a connection to the Bush Nazis too if it's not suppressed. Find out who planted these ideas of fame in his head. Leave those bodies in the open field, for that proves this is a Holy Nation that does not get shook about anything. Those who complain will be Bush Nazis more likely than not.

12/31 Re: Tiger Hunting in San Francisco: Set them all loose! "Call out to the birds and all the wild animals, "Come together for the great feast on the mountains of Israel!"" (Ez. 39:17) Those animals should have never been locked up in the first place. This is a Holy Holy Holy Land!

1/2/08 To socrates: You babble like an idiot. I am not going to explain anything to such a moron. The lion will lie down with the lamb because they will be stuffed full of dumkopfs like you. Be silent in the Lord's presence. Bobby Meade The Lord's

From Baltimore Forum Topix: Eyes That Do Not See (Jer. 5:21 Is. 6:10 Ez. 12:2)

I read an article on glaucoma last night, published by Gannet. Are they of the Gad damn tribes of Gar and Gan? In it, your expert, Quigley talked of an epidemic of retinopathy without mentioning macular degeneration. I believe that the primary cause of blindness from macular degeneration is from watching TV in the dark. It has not been mentioned since the sixties that watching TV in the dark is the same thing as looking into the sun because of ultraviolet radiation. I read that there was an epidemic of macular degeneration in DC when I lived there. They all watch TV in the dark. Why? Are they told that their windows will be shot out if they turn the lights on? Are they told that they can see the picture much better? Is the suppression of this information part of Hiter's Health Care?

12/27 In 2001 I witnessed the apparent elimination of the secretary of the Dean's Office who tried to get someone to address the intentional contamination of M.V. Rensselear Hall with asbestoes by Secret Service with a doctors satchel full of asbestoes when Janet Reno was on campus for graduation. That was the only place on campus with a computer, and that is apparently the payback. (see Asbestoes, Asthma, and Your Rattling Last Breaths) The building was so badly contaminated with asbestoes that it should have been torn down or all the carpeting removed, at the very least. Carpets become toxic reservoirs of asbestoes and vacuuming merely stirs the stuff up. Is it any wonder that Granada Group; i.e. the Serpent founded on Holocaust earnings, has 96,000 links for carpets.) Ref. Militant Bush Nazis in the Works 12/24

1/3/08 I posted this in Dryden last night, and it was removed along with serveral hundred other FT posts: I was able to detect the contamination of MVR because they had dumped iron dust and asbestoes on me when I was swimming in the pool at Teagle. It caused instant pain and scarred my lungs so that I could detect fibers in the practically any concentration. Reindeer Corporation, a rogue corporation from Cortland had been sanding the pipes at Emerson Hall when that happened. Emerson was also contaminated beyond belief by what they did there. They shouldn't touch that stuff until the building is torn down. I also detected the probable intentional contamination of Goldwin Smith and Sibley Halls. What do you think happens when people go to Hitler's Health Care for respiratory problems? Brake dust is another favorite of theirs, short straight fibers, visible when you shake contaminated clothing close to a light against a dark background. As for the secretary of the Dean's Office, I believe that her name was Beebe, maybe a relative of the Beebes that Beebe Lake was named after. She "died unexpectedly" a few days after I warned her of what had happened in MVR. I wrote extensively about my experiences with asbestoes in 2001, but most of it has been suppressed to an extreme. There's a lot of talk about TCE contamination at IBM sites. I bet that it's asbestoes, and they are targetting anyone who tries to draw attention to the resulting respiratory problems. Bush Daddy said that Microsoft rubbed out IBM with asbestoes!!???

Science Refresher: Asbestoes fibers are visible to the unaided eye. Talk of filtering elements and/or molecules with air or water filters usually pertains to what is in big particles. There are a million microns in a meter; a billion nanometers in a meter; and a trillion atoms in a nanometer. What is known about the atoms and molecules has come via deduction; i.e. it's never been witnessed directly.

From US Sen. & Rep. FT: Can you feign importance, repeat big words, ignore people, and brush people off? You could be in the White House! They will never know that you are brainless! Your private army of chemicalmongering Serpents would protect your stupidity with their lives! Go for it! I might even be able to get you a copy of my Ivy League diploma! Tell W that the only war worth fighting is against his old man and those who support his old man and that when he stops, it will be his turn. (Is. 33:1) Bush Daddy says that he ditched his buddies in the Pacific, saying that he smelled smoke in the cockpit, after telling them that he didn't mind if they smoked. The Navy appararently recovered this B-25. No word yet on the smoke source.

Comment after The Word, Maine IMC 1/3/07: Also this morning Bush Daddy claimed that the Saudi Arabians had banished him and W, something like that. (He said that they told him that he and W could make no more speeches here.) I was barely awake but I immediately informed him that he had banished himself and W by saying such a thing. I further informed him that Hillary could take over without further ado. 12/12 That was Bro Bubba Bill's woman that I was talking about. In one of my first articles on the computer, Silent Murder Epidemic, which has been suppressed, I informed you that I had typed the whole story via TTY to Bro Bubba Bill on his last day in the White House, and he had declared a State of Emergency over this Silent Murder Epidemic; furthermore the dumkopfs shut down the Federal Government for Inauguration 2001, not understanding that they never opened up again and that the Inauguration could probably not be official when it was shut. As far as I know, the State of Emergency can only be lifted by Bro Bubba Bill; thus he can surely put his woman Hillary in charge of the State of the Union etc. If your looking for Bro Bubba Bill, last I heard, he was stealing TVs from Air Force One out on the west coast. How come I didn't get no TV? 12/17 Do you remember that chick who moved on Bro Bubba Bill in the White House? I bet that was just a matter of someone having described his pecker to her! Ref. Holy Smoke! * Bobby Meade

1/4/08 From Iowa FT: Don't forget that the coprophagic intelligence of the private army of the Bush Nazis can put one of their dumkopfs in the White House with only 20 votes if necessary. Do you wonder why they are computerizing the voting process? Computerized voting? Hit them in the head with your hard drive! FYI Bush Daddy says that Obama is a Muslim.

This #4 comment on The Educated Fool is being deleted everywhere I put it, and I was unable to continue posting the 3-part original on NCAA sites beginning with the letter P. That is the Bush Nazis trying to create a "famine for the word of the Lord" (Amos 8:11) Likewise (no address given) has made @ 200 articles of mine inaccessible after I posted all of the final versions there. This is why many IMCs only post my articles for short periods of time. They target anyone who complains about their removing them. If you can't access the referenced articles by title or find it currently on a site, it's best to let it be.

12/13 Sweet kind caring murderous Bush Nazis making war on the Lamb. (2 Cor. 11:14) Do you see what happened to former Pres. Fujimori when he moved on Shining Path, Guzman, etc.? Bush Daddy said that in addition to militant homosexuals, Shining Path is also full of poopheads and Jews. Sweet people! Ask them. They'll tell you themselves! 12/14 I posted the above throughout South America last night. Did they free Fujimori yet? If they had published and shown me the picture of Saddam with his sword before they murdered him, I would have freed him within 24 hours!

From : Merry Christmas?? "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a trusted cornerstone for a sure foundation. He who trusts will never be dismayed." Isaiah 28:16 You do not know who the Lord is! Jesus Christ is a title, meaning the Messiah who saves his people. Until there's then, you should sing My Sweet Lord like there's no Gad damn tomorrow! Never quit!

As revealed by pill packets that I place in the door to detect entry, Bush Nazis have entered my apartment @ 500 times to throw chemicals, steal stuff, and/or perforate the place in the past year. On 10/23 they filled the place with ethylene dibromide, which makes you cough a lot. They've been keeping it up since then. 12/21 Five days ago they start throwing cyanide chemicals 24 hours a day. Toxicology books no longer reveal that cyanide causes chest constriction and heart pain. Their foolproof plan is to kill with cyanide and say that you died from the cough. Bush Daddy says that the landlord responsible for this "death trap" is one of Hitler's Storm Troopers and that their true identities are protected by Secret Service, which they formed for that purpose. No need to prove anything. Bush Daddy says to have them dye their hair red, put on a dress, and say that they are the Queer Kennedys.(Is. 33:1) 12/27 The same holds true for the fanatics of Islam in Pakistan and the Middle East! THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES BETRAYS THEM! (Is. 3:9) 1/1/08 EXTRA! News that just crossed Bush Daddy's poop-eaten brain: Benazir Bhutto was killed in the car! The bomb was a distraction to cover up the murder. Do you wonder why the first images showed them carrying Bhutto in a casket? "Quick! Bury this chick!" 1/4/08 Do you understand that this arises from their coprophagic intelligence? They are saying that these red-haired Queer Kennedys are going to be more Irish than the Kennedys because they have red hair; plus they will be dressed as females, the fairer sex. How can they lose? As long as they keep moving on those who God has condemned, it shouldn't be a problem. Bush Daddy said that if they won't dye it red, paint it red! "Trouble ahead! The Lady in Red! Take my advice, you'd be better off dead!" J. Garcia Tell California that their Governor and W could be a Queer Kennedys too! They could form a Queer Kennedy rock group! They would be famous! Or is that famished?

PS: Sometimes a Great Notion arises from Good Night, Irene, 1936; "Sometimes I get a great notion to jump into the river ... an' drown." It made me go out and perfect woodsplitting. After two years of cutting and splitting hundreds of face cords of dead elm trees; i.e. every worthy dead elm that I could find in Tompkins County; I secured rights to the last beech grove in the area. Elm is the most impossible wood there is to split, and beech is a breeze compared to elm yet it is still considered somewhat hard to split. I perfected a technique where I would hit the wood with the woodsplitter, split it completely without going through it or knocking the pieces over, then I would twist the woodsplitter, and it would pop out, leaving the split pieces standing. I would be producing 12 pieces of wood from @ 22 inch diameter logs in @ 23 seconds, 15 seconds if I pushed myself. On the 11th stroke, I would try to split that last piece so hard that the pieces would all fall over and come apart. Every piece would have a right angle in it, and four of the pieces would have two right angles in them. It got so every single log was being split like that in 11 strokes, with 3 pieces from each quarter. I suspect that splitting wood in a similar way gave rise to bowling, and splitting the last quarter into two triangular pieces on the tenth stroke constituted a "strike". It was the most exhilarating feeling that you could imagine. For a while I was yelling, "Cowabunga!" each time I did a perfect 11 stroke series, for I was literally "killing" that wood, and cowabunga is Tarzan talk, meaning to utterly destroy something. I showed one person this feat. I had brought two of the logs home, and he showed up as a witness between us that this had to be the easiest fastest way to split wood that anyone has ever dreamed up. Maybe he can produce an animated simulation of what I did, for I did it nearly perfect twice for him; i.e. split wood like there was no Gad damn tomorrow! "Want to see it again?" I bet the Great Notion Stampers split wood like that!

I am the "servant of rulers", and these rulers do not want one of those who God has condemned here when they return. (Is. 49:7; Rev. 20:4-6)

ATTN: Bush Daddy brags about the Republicans taking over Congress in 95; thus enabling the Bush Nazis to murder Elijah's mother, Sarah and Jennifer, Timothy McVeigh, Saddam Hussein, and many more. (Never forget! 700 alleged combat deaths in PGW and @ 4,000 in W's poophead war!) It has further empowered Hitler's Health Care to murder at will. Has a one of you had the common sense to check the alumni directory of Yale to see if there is any mention of the Bushes in it? FYI Bush Daddy said that they are too Gad damn important to have their names in the alumni directory. 1/9 Another war? With Iran?! Murder some more soldiers, W! Be a Gad damn war hero like your old man!

Start a war between W and his old man?
Sounding the horn in Zion assures you can! (Num. 10:9 Amos 5:3)

The Horn, a low toned instrument, take an empty one gallon plastic water container, cut the bottom out, cut the cap, insert a one foot piece of hose, and wrap it tightly with duct tape. Freeze it before use. It's the loudest, most versatile instrument there is! Play Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Get Back, etc. "Let me take you down cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields! Nothing is real! Nothing to get hung about!" "That looks like W's work! A woodchipper? That's Bush Daddy's work!" "Psst! This group looks smart! You take them around back. We'll cut them off at the pass!"

Take this and send it to the ends of the earth! (Is. 49:6)


The One State Solution like Ruanda?

Only an idiot would mistake "security" for "segregation." Or perhaps some duplicious fool tht hopes that Israel will simply drop all of its defenses. A binational Israel is Arab code for "make it easier for us to destroy you."

Re: Re: The One State Solution is the Best Solution

SEGREGATION preceded "security" concerns ...

The Origin of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Jews For Justice in the Middle East

Re: Re: The One State Solution is the Best Solution

It's worth pointing out that an awful lot of crap comes from just a few sources. In this case, the guy is Jordan Thornton. He has a tiny stock of set buzzphrases he uses to sign his post -- "9/11 = CIA, Mossad, PNC" is one of them, "Zionism Irrelevant in a Generation" is another as is "Various", "Ban The Plant" and "Harper Betrayed The Troops.". He's also the major source of antisemitic BS on Israel's Indymedia. What's a Canadian guy doing pouring his assinine spew fill hate all over the world through the IMC network? Obsession does that to a guy.

Incidentally, you might want to ask yourself -- who's banned at Thunder Bay?

What do all those posts have in common? Two things. One, they're from Jordan Thorton. Number two: Thunder Bay hid each and every one of them. There are probably a lot more, too.

Like these few….there’s a ton of them from London IMC:

And these sites, now closed due to Jordan’s Uber anti-semitic spamming:

This is the man JT holds up as a beacon of reason on the IMC:

Posted by JT #6857 on Tuesday, July 10th at 9:37 PM

What would you expect?...The guy was a sell-out. I heard he was practically an Israeli. It stands to reason you'd have to count the silverware if you had him over for dinner.

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