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The Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Sefardi Jewish Children.

On August 14, at 9 PM, Israeli television
station, Channel Ten, broke all convention and exposed the ugliest secret of
Israel's Labor Zionist founders; the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of
nearly all Sephardi youths.


The expose began with the presentation of
a documentary film called, 100,000 Radiations, and concluded with a panel
discussion moderated by TV host Dan Margalit, surprising because he is infamous
for toeing the establishment line.


Film Details:


Radiations, released by Dimona Productions Ltd. in 2003.


Producer - Dudi Bergman Directors - Asher
Khamias, David Balrosen


Panel Discussion Participants


A Moroccan singer was joined by David
Edri, head of the Compensation Committee for Ringworm X-Ray Victims, and Boaz
Lev, a spokesman for the Ministry Of Health.




In 1951, the director general of the
Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim Sheba flew to America and returned with 7 x-ray
machines, supplied to him by the American army.


They were to be used in a mass atomic
experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths to be used as guinea
pigs. Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays
through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli
government 300,000 Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60,000 liras.
The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today.


To fool the parents of the victims, the
children were taken away on "school trips" and their parents were
later told the x-rays were a treatment for the scourge of scalpal ringworm. 6,000
of the children died shortly after their doses were given, the many of the rest
developed cancers that killed them over time and are still killing them now. While
living, the victims suffered from disorders such as epilepsy, amnesia,
Alzheimer's disease, chronic headaches and psychosis.


Yes, that is the subject of the
documentary in cold terms. It is another matter to see the victims on the
screen. ie. To watch the Moroccan lady describe what getting 35,000 times the
dose of allowable x-rays in her head feels like.


screamed make the headache go away. Make the headache go away. Make the
headache go away. But it never went away."


To watch the bearded man walk hunched
down the street.


in my fifties and everyone thinks I'm in my seventies. I have to stoop when I
walk so I won't fall over. They took my youth away with those x-rays."


To watch the old lady who administered
the doses to thousands of children.


brought them in lines. First their heads were shaved and smeared in burning gel.
Then a ball was put between their legs and the children were ordered not to
drop it, so they wouldn't move. The children weren't protected over the rest of
their bodies. There were no lead vests for them. I was told I was doing good by
helping to remove ringworm. If I knew what dangers the children were facing, I
would never have cooperated. Never!"


Because the whole body was exposed to the
rays, the genetic makeup of the children was often altered, affecting the next
generation. We watch the woman with the distorted face explain, "All three
of my children have the same cancers my family suffered. Are you going to tell
me that's a coincidence?"


Everyone notices that Sephardi women in
their fifties today, often have sparse patchy hair, which they try to cover
with henna. Most of us assumed it was just a characteristic of Sephardi women. We
watch the woman on the screen wearing a baseball-style hat. She places a
picture of a lovely young teenager with flowing black hair opposite the lens.
"That was me before my treatment. Now look at me." She removes her
hat. Even the red henna can't cover the horrifying scarred bald spots.


The majority of the victims were Moroccan
because they were the most numerous of the Sephardi immigrants. The generation
that was poisoned became the country's perpetual poor and criminal class. It
didn't make sense. The Moroccans who fled to France became prosperous and
highly educated. The common explanation was that France got the rich, thus
smart ones. The real explanation is that every French Moroccan child didn't
have his brain cells fried with gamma rays.


The film made it perfectly plain that
this operation was no accident. The dangers of x-rays had been known for over
forty years. We read the official guidelines for x-ray treatment in 1952.


The maximum dose to be given a child in
Israel was .5 rad. There was no mistake made. The children were deliberately
poisoned. David Deri, makes the point that only Sephardi children received the


was in class and the men came to take us on a tour. They asked our names. The
Ashkenazi children were told to return to their seats. The dark children were
put on the bus."


The film presents a historian who first
gives a potted history of the eugenics movement. In a later sound bite, he
declares that the ringworm operation was a eugenics program aimed at weeding
out the perceived weak strains of society. The film now quotes two noted anti-Sephardi
racist Jewish leaders, Nahum Goldmann and Levi Eshkol.


Goldmann spent the Holocaust years first
in Switzerland, where he made sure few Jewish refugees were given shelter, then
flew to New York to become head of the World Jewish Congress headed by Samuel
Bronfman. According to Canadian writer Mordecai Richler, Bronfman had cut a
deal with Prime Minister Mackenzie King to prevent the immigration of European
Jews to Canada.


But Levi Eshkol's role in the Holocaust
was far more minister than merely not saving lives. He was busy taking them
instead. From a biography of Levi Eshkol from the Israeli government web site:


1937 Levi Eshkol played a central role in the establishment of the Mekorot
Water Company and in this role was instrumental in convincing the German
government to allow Jews emigrating to Palestine to take with them some of
their assets - mostly in the form of German-made equipment."


While world Jewry was boycotting the Nazi
regime in the '30s, the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem was propping up Hitler. A
deal, called The Transfer Agreement, was cut whereby the Nazis would chase
Germany's Jews to Palestine, and the Labor Zionists would force the immigrants
to use their assets to buy only German goods. Once the Jewish Agency got the
German Jews it wanted, those they secretly indoctrinated in the anti-Judaism of
Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank, they let the Nazis take care of the rest of
European Jewry. The Holocaust was a eugenics program and Levi Eshkol played a
major role in it.


The Moroccan lady is back on the screen.
"It was a Holocaust, a Sephardi Holocaust. And what I want to know is why
no one stood up to stop it."


David Deri, on film and then as a panel
member, relates the frustration he encountered when trying to find his
childhood medical records.


I wanted to know was what they did to me. I wanted to know who authorized it. I
wanted to trace the chain of command. But the Health Ministry told me my
records were missing."


Boaz Lev, the Health Ministry's spokesman
chimes in, "Almost all the records were burned in a fire."


So, let us help Mr. Deri trace the chain
of command. But now I must intrude myself in the review.


About six years ago, I investigated the
kidnapping of some 4500, mostly Yemenite immigrant infants and children, during
the early years of the state. I met the leader of the Yemenite children's
movement, Rabbi Uzi Meshulum, imprisoned for trying to get the truth out. He
was later returned home in a vegetative state from which he has not emerged. He
told me that the kidnapped children were sent to America to die cruelly in
nuclear experiments.


The American government had banned human
testing and needed guinea pigs. The Israeli government agreed to supply the
humans in exchange for money and nuclear secrets. The initiator of Israel's
nuclear program was Defence Ministry director-general Shimon Peres.


Rabbi David Sevilia of Jerusalem
corroborated the crime and later, I even saw photos of the radiation scars on
the few surviving children, and the cages the infants were shipped to America


Just over five years ago I published my
belief on the internet, that Israel's Labor Zionist founders had conducted
atomic experiments on Yemenite and other Sephardi children, killing thousands
of them. Almost three years ago, I published the same assertion in my last
book, Save Israel!. I suffered much scorn for doing so. However, I was right.


We return to the documentary. We are told
that a US law in the late '40s put a stop to the human radiation experiments
conducted on prisoners, the mentally feeble and the like. The American atomic
program needed a new source of human lab rats and the Israeli government
supplied it.


Here was the government cabinet at the
time of the ringworm atrocities:


Prime Minister - David Ben Gurion Finance
Minister - Eliezer Kaplan Settlement Minister - Levi Eshkol Foreign Minister - Moshe
Sharrett Health Minister - Yosef Burg Labor Minister - Golda Meir Police
Minister - Amos Ben Gurion


The highest ranking non-cabinet post
belonged to the Director General Of The Defence Ministry, Shimon Peres.


That a program involving the equivalent
of billions of dollars of American government funds should be unknown to the
Prime Minister of cash-strapped Israel is ridiculous. Ben Gurion was in on the
horrors and undoubtedly chose his son to be Police Minister in case anyone
interfered with them.


Now let's have a quick glance at the
other plotters, starting with the Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan. He handled
the profits of the operation and was rewarded for eternity with a hospital
named after him near Rehovot. But he's not alone in this honor.


The racist bigot Chaim Sheba, who ran
Ringworm Incorporated, had a whole medical complex named after him. Needless to
say, if there is an ounce of decency in the local medical profession, those
hospital names will have to change.


Then there is Yosef Burg, who the leaders
of the Yemenite Children's movement insist was the most responsible for the
kidnappings of their infants. As Health Minister, he certainly played a pivotal
role in the Ringworm murders. That would go a great way to explaining the
peculiar behavior of his son, the peacemaker, Avraham Burg.


Let us not forget Moshe Sharrett, who had
Rabbi Yoel Brand arrested in Aleppo in 1944 for proposing a practical way to
save 800,000 Jews trapped in Hungary. Sharrett's most cited quote is, "If
Shimon Peres ever enters this government, I will tear my clothes and start to
mourn." Several Yemenite Children activists told me Sharrett was referring
to the kidnapping of the Yemenite children when he made this statement.


And other amateur historians have told me
that Levi Eshkol openly and proudly announced his belief in the tenets of
Shabtai Tzvi, but try as I have, I haven't tracked down a citation. However, we
do know of Eshkol, that during the period of the radiations, he served first as
Settlement Minister, then took over from Kaplan as Finance Minister. From his


1951 Eshkol was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Development, and from 1952
to 1963 - a decade characterized by unprecedented economic growth despite the
burden of financing immigrant absorption and the 1956 Sinai Campaign - he
served as Minister of Finance. Between 1949 and 1963, Eshkol also served as
head of the settlement division of the Jewish Agency. In the first four years
of statehood, he was also treasurer of the Jewish Agency, largely responsible
for obtaining the funds for the country's development, absorption of the
massive waves of immigrants and equipment for the army."


In short, Eshkol was the person most
responsible for Israel's immigrants, the ones he sent to radiation torture
chambers. Finally, there is Golda Meir. We don't know her role, but she was in
on the secret and rewarded for it. Note that every prime minister thereafter
until 1977, when the honorable Menachem Begin was elected, came from this cabal.
And note also, that no one from what is called the Right today, was privy to
the slaughter of the Sephardi children.


Apply that lesson to a contemporary fact:
It is the descendants of these butchers who brought us the Oslo "peace"
and are determined to wipe out the settlers of Judea, Samaria and Gaza as
surely as they had dealt with the inferior dark Jews who came into their
clutches fifty years before. Now try and imagine it is 1952 and you are in a
cabinet meeting. You will be debating whether to send the Yemenite babies to
America for their final zapping, or whether to have them zapped here. That is
what the Luciferian, satanic Sabbataian founders of our nation were prattling
on about when they got together to discuss the affairs of state.


After the film ended, TV host Dan
Margalit tried to put a better face on what he'd witnessed. Any face had to be
better than what he had seen. He explained meekly, "But the state was poor.
It was a matter of day to day survival." Then he stopped. He knew there
was no excusing the atrocities the Sephardi children endured.


But it was the Moroccan singer who summed
up the experience best. "It's going to hurt, but the truth has to be told.
If not, the wounds will never heal."


There is one person alive who knows the
truth and participated in the atrocities. He is Leader Of The Opposition Shimon
Peres, the peacemaker. The only way to get to the truth and start the healing
is to investigate him for his role in the kidnapping of 4500 Yemenite infants
and the mass poisoning of over 100,000 Sephardi children and youths.


But here is why that won't happen. It is
a miracle that 100,000 Radiations was broadcast at all. Clearly though, someone
fought for it but had to agree to a compromise. The show was aired at the same
time as the highest-rated show of the year, the final of Israel's, A Star Is
Born. The next day, there was not a word about 100,000 Radiations in any paper,
but the newly-born star's photo took up half the front pages.


That's how the truth is buried in Israel,
and somehow, these tricks work. The same methods were used to cover up the
Rabin assassination.


However, a few hundred thousand people
saw the film on their screens and they will never forget the truth. If the
Rabin assassination doesn't bury Labor Zionism for good, then 100,000 Radiations
eventually will.



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