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Austrian Nazi act performing in Tel Aviv

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please sign the following letter and send it to the email addresses
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To the organizers of the "Bunker Nights Festival Part 1"

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On October 9th 2004 the "Bunker Nights Festival Part 1" is supposed to
take place at the night club "Kosmonaut" in Tel Aviv.

One of the acts that has been announced to perform at this event is the
Austrian neo-Nazi band "Der Blutharsch". "Der Blutharsch" (a synonym
for "dried blood") is an Austrian white power music act headed by Albin
Julius which was founded in 1997 with the assistance of the leader of
another (better known) neo-Nazi band called "Death in June", Douglass
Pierce. "Der Blutharsch" takes great pride in their use of fascist
symbols, and is well known for its use of Nazi imagery. "Der
Blutharsch" attracts neo-Nazi's and right wing extremists across

In March 2003, a concert in Clausnitz, Germany was even cancelled by
the German government. A statement released by the security police
concluded that "Der Blutharsch" has "right wing extremist tendencies."
(The statement has significant weight in Germany, given the legal
impermissibility of such extremism.)

On September 28th 2004 a concert with "Der Blutharsch" is scheduled in
Leiden, Netherlands. Anti-Facist groups in that area have called upon
the organizers to call off that event as well because of "Der
Blutharsch’s" National-Socialist orientation.

Those tendencies are evident in the packaging and music of the band.
The logo of "Der Blutharsch" is a Sig-rune, like the Waffen-SS used.
Their website also relies on the Nazi Iron Cross and the logo of the
Hitler Youth. The covers of their albums are also adorned with Nazi
art. The cover of the CD "Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!"
(The triumph of light is the life's Heil) is part of a picture about
the Varus battle, painted by the Nazi Werner Peiner.

The cover of their CD "The pleasures received in Pain" is a reprint of
a painting by Nazi artist Ferdinand Staeger. The album contains songs
sampling lyrics from the Hitler Youth marching anthem "Forward!" and
other speeches and marches. The EP "Adesso viene IL bell" even contains
eight songs from Italian fascism.

On a live-videon - published in 1999, named "Gold gab ich f・r Eisen" (I
gave gold for iron) - of the second tour, a "Finnish version of Lili
Marleen, a popular song in Germany during World War II, was played
(called "Lisa Pien"). The song was dedicated to the "Europהische
Freiwillige der Waffen SS" (European volunteers of the Waffen SS) and
"Marsch des Sturmatillerie" (march of the storm artillery). On their
second tour they were performing together with "Death in June". At the
end of the video, the second singer Wilhelm Herich shouted "Free

The only Israeli act that has been announced to perform at the festival
is called "Gesichter des Todes" (Faces of death), which is apparently
named after the snuff movies of the same name. Besides that "Gesichter
des Todes" quotes the neo-Nazi band "Death in June" (that was mentioned
above) on their website as well, and reveals thereby its sympathy for
that train of thoughts.

The name "Death in June" refers to June 30, 1934, the "Night of Long
Knives," when Hitler had Ernst Roehm and other leaders of the SA (nazi
stormtroopers) murdered. Roehm and his faction were highly critical of
Hitler's policies (even though they were still Nazis) and are
associated with a branch of fascist ideology called "National
Bolshevism" spearheaded by Gregor Strasser. The National Bolsheviks
argued for a "more socialist version" of NS and criticized Hitler's
reliance on industrial capitalists.

"Death in June" repeatedly used fascist and nazi symbols on their
albums and on stage, including the Death's Head (worn as a pin by nazi
SS soldiers), the Life Rune (a pagan symbol commonly used by fascists)
and the Black Sun (another rune used by the SS). Likewise, members of
Death in June have often worn nazi Waffen-SS uniforms on stage.

I hereby call upon the organizers to refrain from supporting this event
and to prevent it from happening in Israel.



Re: Austrian Nazi act performing in Tel Aviv

I disagree with the idea that Jews either in the State of Israel or elsewhere should be kept in cotton wool or protected from pagan imagery.

Re: Austrian Nazi act performing in Tel Aviv

despite of this, they play great music!

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