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רשת אינדימדיה העולמית


Indymedia Trolls Attack

Indymedia Trolls Attack in Greece are united Greek trolls of Athens Indymedia ( https://athens.indymedia.org/?lang=el ) as expressed by our blog http://indymediatrolls.blogspot.com/



Our editorial team can offer hours of lauthing with trollings about

a) Panagiotis Vihos

b) Aran monkey

c) other stuff

Also to remind you  that our sponsor is the Hebrew George Soros!

Solidarity from Greece!


Re: Indymedia Trolls Attack

jet !


we are punks

Re: Indymedia Trolls Attack

Also to add that the blog mentioned above is the official blog of trolls  by the editorial team of Athens indymedia.

Re: Indymedia Trolls Attack

Wow, nice job guys! I was extremely happy to discover Selete Punks' press releases. 

Keep it real!

Re: Indymedia Trolls Attack

You also have "the stories of Panagiotis Vihos" which is also vary famous here in Israel as an activist and Greek composer. In fact here he more regognised even than the Greek artist George Dalaras.


Keep up the good work!

Re: Indymedia Trolls Attack

well done comrades from athens. volos trolls salut you!

solidarity to Panagiwtis Vihos!

now, let's eat a pataougka!

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