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Anti-zionist drivel

Anti-zionist drivel, meaningless, pointless, not based on truth or facts. typical!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: No Such Concern

Actually, no. It's the Zionist Drivel I was commenting on, which was not based on truth or facts, and yes, is typical of such Zionist deception pushed by these publications.

This Zionist Propaganda is designed to create the impression that informed criticism of Zionist Extremism somehow amounts to an irrational hatred of all Jews.

These Extremists have to resort to such dishonest means because they know the facts are not on their side, nor is morality, because what they support is indefensible.

This was only published in a pro-Zionist publication (The Aspers' CanWest), and even its author would not associate his real name with it, and include a genuine by-line.

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