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Re: Re: Re: Support For Israel?

"No, but Zionist Organizations are Zionist, and their staged PR events cannot be cited."

Hmmm. You are clearly a looney tone, and there probably is no point in discussing this any futher, but I'll give it more more shot.

3/4 of Americans surveyed believe that Israel is our strongest ally in the middle east. Nearly the same about feel a strong connection to Israel. Only 2% of the population in America is Jewish- maybe another 10% is evangelistic Christian- thats means the other 60% just love Israel as a bastion of democracy and shared values.

Whether they take to the streets or not.
In Ameica it is easier than ever to buy Israeli products. Vegan organic Israeli chocolate is in all the health food stores. Israeli linens and leather goods are all over. And biotech/tech and med materials are ubiquitous.
Nearly every major city has an Israeli festival- 35,000 showed up to the one in LA, 100,000 showed up to the one in NYC. 10,000 are expected in Los Angeles.
America and Americans love Israel.

Re: Re: Re: Support For Israel?

"3/4 of Americans surveyed believe that Israel is our strongest ally in the middle east."

Duh! A primarily white, english-speaking power, in a region the US is sorrily miseducated about, which enables US military policy. That's a no-brainer.

I would like to see the study's methodology, nonetheless.

When you consider the bias of the US media - towards Israel and against Arabs of all stripes, mainly driven by lazy 'journalists', US energy/military policy within the Arab World, and the sheer volume of lies churned out by US Zionism to obfuscate the realities of their war on Palestine - there's no great mystery here.

Just don't confuse your ability to mislead a highly-impressionable, isolated, poorly-informed populace with a moral position, or earning this support honestly.

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