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Berlin: Protests against Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla

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Monday 31th of may, after a very short period of mobilisation, about 150 palestinian, jewish, turkish and german participants gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Berlin to protest against the sanguinary attac from Israeli special forces against the solidarity aid convoy to Gaza. The objectors claimed the observance of international law and human rights and condemned the slaughtery assault with more than 10 killed and about 50 wounded participants of the relief convoy.

Another demonstration was anounced for thursday afternoon (at 5 p.m.) in front of the german ministry of foreign affairs.

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Re: Berlin: Protests against Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla

Correction:  the next  manifestation will take place on tuesday (not on thursday) at 5 p.m. in front of the foreign ministry in Berlin.

(please excuse this error)

Photography from yesterday front of the german ministry of foreign affairs

Yesterday too were jewish People to this protest 

later of this Protest , were a Demostration in Alexanderplatz a Demostration organitated for left antifasist and internationale grups

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