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Don't Say We Didn't Know 237

For years now settlers from the Maon Farm outpost in the South Hebron Hills region have attacked elementary school children from the Palestinian cave villages Tuba and Mughar el-'Abid, as they walk past the outpost, on their way to school and back.

 Following these attacks international  human rights activists started accompanying the children.  In September 2004, the settlers severely wounded one of the activists.  A public outcry followed, and it was decided the IDF would accompany the children, to prevent the attacks.  However, sometimes the Army does not arrive for duty, and the children are forced to go via a longer route that goes farther from the outpost.  Even then the settlers attack them.  This is what happened on 24th and 25th October, 2010.

 What would have been interesting in the whole story:  instead of sending soldiers, why didn’t the Judea and Samaria police report on the attacks?  I'm sure that had they been aware of them, they would have arrested the attackers and brought them to trial...


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