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מכתב לקצינת הקישור: מסרב להיות פושע

חיים פלדמן נידון אתמול לתקופת מאסר שניה, 28 יום בבית הכלא הצה"לי. להלן המכתב ששלח לקצינת הקישור שלו. הנוסח האנגלי בכתובת:


Letter to a Liaison Officer: Refusing to be a Criminal

Chaim Feldman is a combat reservist. He was jailed for 21 days last year for refusing to serve the occupation.
Yesterday he was sentenced to a second prison term, 28 days. Below is the letter he sent his liaison officer

על גל האנטישמיות החדש

מה עומד מאחורי גל זה וכיצד להלחם בו?

Five dead in West Bank raid

Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal

Israeli troops kill Palestinian academic

Destruction of Homes and Cisterns in Southern Hebron

HEBRON- Five toilets, and two homes for four families, were destroyed in the Southern Hebron villages of Zanuta and Radwaneh.

Hero of the Hezbollah

Moore loves Hezbollah

Arab and Jewish workers protest non-payment of wages together

Galilee municipal employees set up protest tent camp

Initiative one state in Palestine/Israel

Final declaration of Lausanne conference

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