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victory in ann Ann Petter's case

Tel Aviv District Court Judge Oded Mudrik reversed the decision of
the interior ministry
and allowed Petters into the country.

Michelin Guides Try to Censore Israel-Critical Spoof: Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture Chambers

Satirical pamphlet titled "Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture Chambers," is taken to court. Follow these links to an excerpt from the guide, and the letter of defense submitted to the British High Court in London.



מה קורה בעזה?

מה מאחורי האירועים בעזה?

Mossad Agents in Passport Crime Ring

The Israeli Mossad agent Zev Barkan has been running Asian criminal gangs used to obtain Australian Identity documents and other passports stolen from Australians Killed in Asia, a New Zealand security official has said.

(I found this posted on Sydney (Australia) Indymedia...wonder what you think of this d.v.)

Under the Expulsion Sword

As many of you may know, the South Hebron Hills cave-dwelling community lives under the constant threat of being deported from its lands. The army acting as the executioner's arm for the Israeli government policy, aims to turn the area in which the cave dwellers reside into an active firing range, and thus to exterminate the fields and transfer the communities of hundreds of Palestinian farmers. The area will then become an "Arab free zone" and at a later stage may be destined to be annexed to Israel.

על שחרורה של עיראק

שחרורה של עיראק מחיי האזרחים ואוצרותיה של הארץ ממשיך

Supreme Court Returns the Case of Ann Petter to District Court

The Supreme Court today ruled that Ann Petter's case will be returned to the TA District Court for a hearing on Sunday in which the State will be allowed to show the judge privately in his chambers "secret material" about Ann.

US: No Palestinian state likely by 2005

What is new in the revolutionary process in Venezuella

While we are still going through hell in this country and the political crisis of the system takes a very grotesque form of an attempt by the corrupted capitalist parties to unite in order to save Sharon’s government, in other parts of the world the crisis takes a left radical forms. In particular it is important to learn about the situation of Venezuellla.

קרקס הפשפשים בא העירה

ממשלת אחדות נוכלים לאומית

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