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Information related to crime, police brutality, corruption, use of deadly force.

Building the Third Temple

Radical Islam’s Goal is Global Conquest

Iran using Hezbollah as 'proxy' in Iraq to organize militants

"Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed,"

Hamas TV Kills Off Mickey Mouse Double-Israel blamed

Palestinian official: Women must martyr themselves

the establishment of Islam in the UK as a religion of state.


A two spys called linda campbell ,kim johnson and an international student from israel ,managments major work with a homosexual
canadain policing officers including fire fighters,RCMP ,ambulance cars drivers inoreder to
attack ,torture and kill muslims new immigrants in public and canadain citizens in form of
(holocaust) using wireless weapons causes cancer ,heart attacks,brain damages ,MS,body pain
,coma ,vamting,kidiney faiture ,flu , and other body damages and msytrious illness ,we need
your help to stop these crimes against humanty hapening in canada ,alberta
,cities of lethbridge and calgary committed by the canadain policing system and the government of canada,the israelate student was ssuccesful in killing two canadain citizens in Lethbridge city ,Alberta ,canada ,linda campbel is university of lethbridge
graduant fine art department ,music major,addictive to drugs like marijwana ,born in british columbia BC canada .

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

RoP Prayer leader offers $1m for killing writer

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