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International, 23 August 1927: Sacco & Vanzetti by FdCA-OAE-AL-ZACF-WSM-MACG-AKI Wednesday, Aug 22 2007

23 August 1927: 80 years ago the state of Massachussets and the US government murdered Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti on the electric chair, two Italian emigrants guilty of being anarchists and radical labour and anti-militarist activists. It was justice minister Palmer who inspired the policy of terror that in the late '10s and early '20s was intended to rid the streets of immigrant radicals, anarchists and communists opposed to the government and active in the union battles and strikes of the time. The policy was carried out, though, by the judge, Thayer, and Fuller, the state governor. Sacco and Vanzetti were murdered because they were "bastard anarchists", even though the charge against them of homicide was dropped. In 1977 the governor officially pardoned them. It was a judicial error. One death sentence too many.

מסה קריטית נגד חוק קסדה 30.8.07

חוק הקסדה של גלעד ארדן (ליכוד) עבר וייכנס לתוקף ב25 לספטמבר 2007 מה זה אומר? שכל מי שתרכב על אופניה וכל מי שיחליק על זוג הגלגיליות שלו בלי קסדה,על הכביש או על שביל אופניים בעיר או בכפר. עלול/ה לקבל קנס על סך 250 ש"ח

באסה, לא?

Children play Israeli-killers in bloody new computer game

Body Raid Israel to capture soldiers, battle tanks in the valleys of south Lebanon and launch Katyusha rockets at Israeli towns - a new Hezbollah computer game puts players on the frontline of war with the Jewish state.

Hamas: A Gun in One Hand, a Qu’ran in the Other

Babylon, Pride of Man ***

In Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." (Rev. 18) "O God! Pride of Man, fallen in the dust again!" Pride of Man, Quicksilver Messenger Service. Primo music! 8/14: Karl Rove's exit and Bush Daddy's mouth explained. DC IMC: "Bush Daddy said that Karl Rove committed suicide. Did he leave the gun by the door?" (My website was promptly banned from DC IMC for @ the fifth time. Que pasa?) Jim Morrison returns! LA's been breeding poopheads, heh?

Hamas-linked militants kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam a female Christian professor

Terrorists -- with one foot in the 7th century and the other in the 21st century

Iran president tells Israel to find a new home

Iran: Search for lost dog leads to arrest

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