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News and activities concerning loss of civil liberties, human rights violations, Constitutional violations, etc.

נשים שנאנסו נקמו בתוקפיהן שלא נכלאו

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יום של לימוד והנצחה לנכבה בחיפה

ב6 ל11 ערכה עמותת זוכרות פעילות בחיפה שכללה סיור, שילוט רחובות בשמותיהם המקוריים, עדויות והרצאה.

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Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) Doctor forced to Strip in Public

November 6, 2004
Israeli occupation forces have once again shown complete disregard towards principals of medical neutrality when they forced a PMRS Doctor and member of the PMRS Administrative Council, to strip in a public street near Al Nohmaan village in Bethlehem.

On the evening of Friday the 5th of November, Dr Mohamed Odeh was stopped whilst driving back to his home in Beit Jala. Dr Odeh, who was accompanied by his wife and six children aged between two and thirteen years, ...

Call for ALL ISM Members!

Come to Fallujah!

Palestinian children in Israeli crosshairs

A programmer sent 1000 application - no work

Finnish programmer from Turku has sent close to 1000 applications. The result was; no work. Finnish IT-business and industry has given its signal to people. Investing into Finnish IT

יום הולדת שמח מר מוגרבי

הקרנת הסרט בנוכחות הבמאי עתור הפרסים אבי מוגרבי
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