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News and activities concerning loss of civil liberties, human rights violations, Constitutional violations, etc.

Violence at "Security Gate" number 25

This article reports on the daily violence and humiliation that Palestinian farmers in one small West Bank village must endure at the hands of Israeli military and police.

Israeli soldiers 'shoot boy for fun'

Texts on Proudhon

Texts on Proudhon


You've just got to accept it the next time you travel with your good looking wife or daughter: of course their breasts are firm like Semtex. And when they or you are fingered, just ask yourself: where's your spine ? Are you going to protest ?

The Slow Creep of Israel's Annexation of Palestine

First they were told that they were building a wall between the two populations for the protection of both.
….. Then they told them that the wall on their land was necessary for the protection of Israel.
Then they told the Palestinian farmers on whose land the wall rests that they would have unlimited access to their lands……after which gates were erected along the wall – gates which would be opened only three times a day.
…. Then the Palestinian farmers were told that if they wanted to work their land – now on the Israeli side of the wall – they would have to get special Israeli work permits in order to pass through the gates.

Breaking the Body and the Spirit- Conference on Palestinian Prisoners

A conference in Tel Aviv discussing the role of prisoners in national struggles and reconciliation processes in North Ireland, South Africa and the occupied Palestinian territories. Premier of the Lebanese movie "Souha, Surviving Hell".

לשבור את הרוח והגוף: אסירים פלסטינים בידי ישראל, כנס

כנס, יום חמישי, בנושא אסירים פלסטינים בידי ישראל.- בין השאר, יופיע השר הפלסטיני לענייני אסירים ושני אסירים לשעבר: אחד מדרום אפריקה, ואחד מצפון אירלנד. הקרנה בכורה של הסרט הלבנוני Souha, Surviving Hell.

הוועד הציבורי נגד עינויים בישראל מזמין את הציבור להקרנת סרטו של רומן פולנסקי "העלמה והמוות"

ביום חמישי 9 לדצמבר 2004, ערב יום זכויות האדם הבינלאומי, בשעה 21:00, נתכנס יחד כדי לתהות איך משפיעים העינויים על הקורבן? על המענה? עלינו?
הוועד הציבורי נגד עינויים בישראל מזמין את הציבור להקרנת סרטו של רומן פולנסקי "העלמה והמוות" בסינמטק ירושלים
הרצאת פתיחה: ד"ר דני ברום, מנהל המרכז הישראלי לטיפול בפסיכוטראומה
הכניסה במחיר כרטיס לסרט בסינמטק

PCATI event commomerating International Human Rights Day

PCATI event commomerating International Human Rights Day

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel invites the public to a special event at the Jerusalem Cinematheque on the eve of the International Human Rights Day,
Thursday, December 9, 2004 at 9:00 PM.

Join us as we gather to reflect on torture and its effects on victims, torturers, and on ourselves as portrayed in Roman Polansky's film "Death and the Maiden".

The evening will open with a lecture by Dr. Danny Brom, Director of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma that will be followed by a screening of the film.

For additional details please call:
Gili Kenelbaum

Tel: 02-6426275, 052-2218561

פאנל נשים מזרחיות במרחב הציבורי

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