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Tali Fahima and the Hypocrosy of the Fascist Left

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Fry her

Tali Fahima, the Jewish terrorist who helped her Jenin "lover" Zakari
Zubeidi plan terrorist atrocities, has now been placed under
"administrative detention". This is the same "administrative detention"
used by Israel against terrorists when the government does not wish to
place them on public trial, lest intelligence sources be compromised.
Similar to the administrative detention of Taliban terrorists by the US in
Guantanamo Bay, Israel's version was inhertited from the British mandatory
government when Israel became independent. It has also been misused to
jail without trial Kahanists as "terrorists".

The Israeli Left is of course having a conniption. Why should poor
Tali be held without trial as a terrorist just because she is a terrorist?
The whining of the Left would be a little more understandable if the same
Lefties had raised a ruckus over the anti-democratic use of administrative
detention against Noam Federman and other Kahanists for expressing
extremist opinion. But the Left could barely control its bladder in bliss
over THOSE arrests....


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