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Bookmarks - Exporting Favorites

  • Click here to export the bookmarks. You will see all of the Bookmarks appear on a Web page

  • Click the File menu on your browser and choose the Save As option. IE 5+ Users: make sure that the Save as Type field says "Web Page, HTML only (*.htm,*.html)"

  • Choose a folder to save export_bookmark.htm and remember where you saved it
Netscape and Mozilla

  • Choose in the menu Bookmarks => Manage bookmarks...

  • In the bookmarks manager window, choose Tools => Import...

  • Select the file you saved and click OK
Internet Explorer

  • Run Microsoft's® Favorites converter program (favtool.exe) to convert your Favorites to a file Click here for the program

  • A dialog box will appear. Choose Run this program from its current location then click Ok. Another dialog box will appear, click Yes

  • Click Import Bookmarks into Favorites, and choose the export_bookmark.htm file in the folder where you saved that file