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Allah Akbar
author: Maria Hussain

Allahu Akbar! That is the non-secular way of saying Peace and Justice shall prevail unto eternity, because Allah is The Lord, He is The Peace and He is The Just. He gave people the right to fight for their homes and to defend their way of life, and He cursed those who put another out of his home. So it shall be unto the Last Day. He created us as nations and tribes in order that we may know one another, not in order to despise one another. And Allah has said through His Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) that he who glorifies his ancestors and practices the sin of nationalism will be considered by God as lower than a worm pushing its way through the filth. The evil doers plot and plan but Allah is the best of planners. I pray that all of Palestine be liberated in service to the One Lord and that all its people return to the true religion of Abraham.


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