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George Bush: A Menace To World Peace
by gdy 3:55am Mon Oct 6 '03

Think deeply on this, ask yourself where do we stop these madmen. Iraq may be the only place to stop this madness. Every nation that desires freedom and democracy must resist the Bush Junta's pressure to participate. The welfare of the world may well rest in the tying down the US army in the soil of Iraq, at least until Bush can be removed from power
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George Bush: A Menace To World Peace

The media has largely dismissed Bush’s speech before the United Nations as an embarrassment to the country or the makings for a good comedy. Yes, the speech was bad even for Bush. No one was surprised by the outcome when the leaders of the world turned down his request for help in occupying Iraq. Some of the media noted how ironic it was that Bush had denounced the United Nations as irrelevant just a few short months ago now stood before the body like a beggar.

Beware of the beggar. From Homer’s time we know beggars can sometimes be Trojan Horses. Odysseus returned home dressed as a beggar. Within a nightfall Penelope’s suitors were slain by the beggar’s hand.

The leaders of Europe are playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship by suggesting that if the United States agreed to a joint control, Europe would be willing to send troops.Yes, it is going to take an international effort to rebuild Iraq. Nonetheless, it would be a very foolish move on the part of the international community to offer help as long as the Bush Junta remains in power. Note: the writer does not wish the US troops ill will. But given only the devil’s choice of a limited number of additional deaths in Iraq or the prospect of tens of thousands of deaths in Korea or another country the writer will choose the lesser of the evils.

In his best pious pose Bush appeared before the world body for peace seeking to absolve himself of his past criticism of that body. However, at the same time the real news that would reveal Bush as a ruthless sanctimonious tyrant was breaking in another continent. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias was forced to cancel his flight to New York. Venezuela authorities had uncovered a CIA plot to blow up Chavez’s plane en route to his scheduled appearance before the General Assembly. Appearing in a national broadcast Chavez was quoted as saying: "They are conspiring against Venezuela in the United States, the peoples of this continent need to know that their (USA) terrorists are preparing an attack against Venezuela!"

This is outrageous conduct for any leader; it is a violation of international law to plot the murder of the leader of another nation. In fact it is paramount to a declaration of war against that nation. Further it is a violation of the Untied Nations’ charter in which the United States guaranteed safe passage for friend and foe alike. However, it is revealing in the ruthless duplicity of the Bush Junta. It is a lesson that must be heeded by the leaders of Europe and not forgotten.

No one was surprised last year when Chavez revealed that the United States was behind the coup attempt to oust him from power. Nor was anyone surprised when it became known that United States personnel had an active hand in directing the coup and were present during Chavez’s short-lived captivity.

Nevertheless, there is much more to this assassination attempt on Chavez’s life by the Bush Junta. Venezuela authorities have linked the plot to terrorist groups in southern Florida with anti-Castro rebels. One of the plotters of the failed attempt was granted asylum by Bush’s brother Jeb. Thus Bush’s brother is acting as a facilitator in the plot against Chavez. Even more outrageous was the response of the United States Ambassador to Venezuela, Charles S. Shapiro, who says it is not necessarily, "a crime to kill a president." The ambassador further admits that he knows that some Venezuelans have been receiving military training in the United States. Further this information about Venezuelan terrorist training in the United States was published a year ago in a Miami paper but no action has been taken to stop it.

What European leaders must understand clearly is that the ambassador has revealed the Bush regime’s foreign policy. You are either for us or again us says the tinhorn tyrant. If you are against us then murder of national leaders is just another option. Assassinations in the past have led to war. To allow such policy to continue in a world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons is a prescription for a nuclear holocaust. Moreover, the Bush regime has confirmed that it has no regard for international law in its unilateral withdrawal from past weapons treaties banning the testing of nuclear devices and has even provided funding to build an assembly line type plant to produce nuclear bomb cores by the thousands should the madman deem it necessary for "U.S. national security."

Appearing before the United Nations begging for help to carry on his war for oil while at the same time plotting the assassination of a South American President, Bush has demonstrated that he is a menace to world peace. It establishes that the Bush Junta is not serious about rebuilding Iraq or peace in the Mid East. What it really is seeking from Europe is a means to free up some American troops so they can be dispatched elsewhere in a new war. One cannot negotiate with a madman. England and France tried that in Munich in 1938. Negotiating with a madman is fools folly, just ask the Czechs.

What the leaders of Europe must understand now is Bush is far more dangerous than Hitler was. Hitler’s war was only on par with the allies and his navy was certainly outclassed by the British and American navies. Unlike Hitler the Bush Junta has a war machine that is far superior to any in the world and he intends on using it to achieve global fascism. Indeed it would take the combined militaries of Europe and Russia to even achieve any means of parity with Bush’s war machine.
Venezuela and Chavez are not the only target of this menace to peace. The Bush Junta is already planning on a new aggressive program towards North Korea designed to provoking North Korea into war. The Bush regime is also waiting for opportunities to attack Syria and Iran. Afghanistan and Iraq are merely training grounds for Bush’s war machine like Spain’s Civil War was for Hitler. Neither country was attacked because of the phony war on terrorism both were attacked because of oil and gas. Moreover, once troops from those countries can be freed they will be used in an attack against another country. Wesley Clark says he was informed by defense officials "at the highest level" that the Bush regime has plans in place to attack 7 countries.

Just as Hitler’s conquests followed the blueprint he had written Mein Kamf, Bush is following the blue print written by fascist fanatics at the American Enterprise Institute. The PNAC document Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century has outlined Bush’s aggressive pre-emptive strategy for world conquest. Those hopeful of peace will be dismayed after reading the document. This is the document that describes genome specific bioweapons as a politically useful tool, hinting at the prospect of racial genocide. It is also the document that calls for the militarization of space and complete Untied States dominance of space. The document not only calls for launching attacks from space but the destruction of satellites of other countries that are deemed to be military targets that includes communications and weather satellites.

The document further stressed the need for another Pearl Harbor before the strategy could be fully implemented with the acceptance of the American people. Now stop here and reread the goals of the PNAC cabal, let it sink in deep, these men crave for war, for domination of the world. Think deeply on this, ask yourself where do we stop these madmen. Iraq may be the only place to stop this madness. Every nation that desires freedom and democracy must resist the Bush Junta's pressure to participate. The welfare of the world may well rest in the tying down the US army in the soil of Iraq, at least until Bush can be removed from power.
The Bush Junta allowed 9-11 to happen. They had been forewarned by almost a dozen nations. When Bush visited the World Trade Organization meeting in Italy the city was first protected by surface to air missiles confirming the Bush regime were aware of possible air attacks by hijacked aircraft. Likewise, Bush was deliberately outside of Washington DC on the morning on 9-11 and had stayed at a motel overnight in which surface to air missile had been put in place on the rooftop. Obviously placing surface to air missiles on rooftops is not part of the ordinary security surrounding a presidential visit. However, it confirms that the Bush regime was well aware of the 9-11 attack ahead of time and had the means to stop it.

The stand down by the US Air Force on 9-11 only confirms that the attacks were deliberately allowed to happen. Bush needed his Pearl Harbor. It is standard procedure for the FAA to notify NORAD whenever a flight deviates by more than five miles from its flight path or contact is lost. The FAA rules are quite specific on the point even in cases of doubt contact NORAD immediately so fighters can be sent to intercept the errant aircraft. No fighters were dispatched on 9-11 until it was too late. The Bush Junta claimed there were no fighters available. Does anyone think that the United States Air Force is so short of planes that it left two thirds of the eastern seaboard including the White House unprotected and without air cover? Hell no! Bush needed a Pearl Harbor and he was willingly to sacrifice the lives of 3000 innocent people to get it by following the script written in Rebuilding America’s Defenses. Moreover somewhere between 20-30 of the Bush regime has come from the fascist institute that wrote that document.

Note the White House is protected by anti aircraft missiles, that fact was revealed in a 1998 Washington Post article. The White House was never in danger, where is the American press in covering this already published fact. Once that fact is known, the sacrifice becomes even clearer, the White House was protected, the others could be allowed to happen, to enrage the American people to support war without question.

Once Bush had his Pearl Harbor he was quick to attack Afghanistan followed quickly by Iraq even though there was not a shred of evidence linking Iraq with the 9-11 attack. His aides Powell and Rice have been heard on tapes from 2001 saying that Iraq lacked the power to project its conventional forces in the area and lacked any weapons of mass destruction. In fact Powell was downright chirppy about the matter claiming it was proof that the US sanctions were working.
Bush’s willingness to wage war before negotiations has had a chance was amply demonstrated in how quick he invaded Afghanistan following 9-11 and again in how quick he invaded Iraq once Afghanistan had fallen. It is again evident in the new aggressive policy his regime is applying to North Korea. It is a policy of forcing North Korea to start a war to protect itself. Nothing could be more dangerous. North Korea has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to the West Coast. It’s a game of nuclear brinkmanship and we are the pawns.

Moreover, engaging North Korea in war is an exceeding dangerous proposition. Such a war has the potential to quickly escalate into a global war with China coming to the aid of her neighbor. It is doubly dangerous with the potential to spiral out of control into a nuclear conflict. There will be no winner then even in Europe as a cloud of radioactive fallout spreads around the globe rendering life as we know it impossible.

There is no doubt that the madman in North Korea would use nuclear bombs. Likewise there is no doubt that the madman in Washington would use nuclear bombs. He considered using nuclear bombs in Afghanistan under the euphemism of tactical nuclear weapons or bunker busting bombs. There is no such weapon as a tactical nuclear weapon. All nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction and a means to terrorize a country and its populace.

Bush’s vindictive nature and his means of extracting revenge know no bounds. He has demonstrated this in exposing the wife of the Ambassador to Iraq as a CIA agent after the Ambassador revealed the yellow cake story from Nigeria as a hoax. It is also evident in the fact that the CIA is working underground to bring down the current ruling coalition in Germany to a premature end for its refusal to send troops to Iraq. This is a madman that is every bit as psychologically damaged as Hitler was.

The leaders of Europe must remain resolute and send no aid or troops to Iraq. Sending troops and aid will only hasten the start of a new war in another country. The only way to contain a madman like Bush is to keep him bottled up in Iraq as the situation there spirals into another Vietnam quagmire. Hitler could have been stopped at Munich. Instead the leaders of France and England engaged in a game of fools folly in trying to negotiate with a madman. Bush can be stopped in Iraq.
The leaders of Europe and the world must understand that as long as this menace to peace remains in power there will be another war. Negotiating with a madman like Hitler was fools folly just ask a Czech. Negotiating with a madman like Bush is also fools folly. Hopefully in the last 70 years the world leaders have learned from there past mistakes.

Stop Bush in Iraq! Deny him the physical support and financial aid he needs to free up his troops that he needs to start another war.

For the details of the Bush family connections to the Nazis click the link to the Nazi Hydra in America below.



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