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רשת אינדימדיה העולמית



Peace/Anti-war activity

AATW Canada/US fund raising tour Feb-March 2009

A fund raising tour in Canada and the US to raise money for the legal fund of Anarchists Against The Wall

יותר "שכונה" ממדינה

מאמר על מדיניות המלחמה והכוחניות של ישראל,
והשלמת החברה הישראלית עם גורל המלחמות האינסופיות שמונהג כאן.

Poland: Anarchists Disrupted Israeli ambassador speech

Three anarchists from Poznan's Anarchist Federation were arrested today during Israeli ambassador's speech at Poznan's University.

מה באמת קרה בדוכן שלום עכשיו ברחובות?

איך כמעט רצחו אותי בלינץ' - ואיך משטרת ישראל (100 בשבילך) עצרה דווקא את הקרבן: אותי...

לאחינועם ניני

שיר תיעוב למצדיקת הטבח

IDF reservist refuses to fight in Gaza over civilian deaths

An Israel Defense Forces reserves soldier, taking part in Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip which entered its 17th day on Monday, has refused to enter the Hamas-ruled territory along with his unit in protest of the killing of Palestinian civilians.

On Monday it emerged that the soldier has been jailed for 14 days in a military facility. He was the first soldier to be tried for refusing orders since the beginning of the operation.


Young London Jew Sings Protest to Chief Rabbi, Gets Arrested

Apologies for the overly presonal style of writing, this is a pasting of a press release aimed at the corporate UK media.

Lies and horror

Today the Israeli knesset decide to ignore the UNSC resolution and to continue the operation Cast Lead

Phosphorus Bombs, the Slaughter of Innocents and Corporate Media Crimes

War in Palestine continues; almost 800 people killed, more than 3200 casualties with serious to critical injuries. Resistance to the Israeli invasion invasion continues by all means, including military defence by the armed population; diplomatic actions by progressive and revolutionary politicians; and with huge mobilizations for Peace by people all over the world.

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