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Don't Say We Didn't Know 241

For years settlers living in Shilo have coveted land belonging to Palestinians from the village Karyut in the West Bank. Settlers have been trying to take over the land, and the army, instead of evicting them forces the Palestinians to prove their ownership. Even when the ownership is proved, still access is denied with the help of the Army.
So happened last two weeks. Three times the Palestinians co-ordinated with the civil administration that they will be allowed to come and till their land (On 22, 24 and 29 November 2010). On 22.11.10 settlers arrived and prevented the work. At first the army allowed the work, but then the work was discontinued after an order from the brigade commander, and the land owners were evicted. The next two times the work was prevented by the army. Meanwhile it was known from the police that settlers intend to harm Israeli human rights activists that help farmers from Karyut.
On Tuesday, 30/11/10, government representatives, accompanied by police demolished again the unrecognized village Twayyel Abu Jarwal in the Negev. They demolished a home in the Bedouin village ElMeqeimen. In ElBat two homes were demolished, a shop in Hura, and a home under construction near Drejat.
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