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TRNN Video: Activist leaders targeted in E. Jerusalem

Police target activist leaders who protest settler takeovers in Sheikh
Jarrah (E.J'slem) in recent weeks
Watch video at TRNN or at http://leichik.webs.com/

Video Description: In recent weeks, municipal police in Jerusalem have been targeting key activists who fight against the settler take-overs of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah. A neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah has hosted weekly protests for nearly a year by a broad coalition of Israelis and Palestinians. Saleh Abo Dayeb was among the leaders who was recently arrested. Police claimed he pushed back a settler who attempted to photograph him and that in this supposed attack he committed a terrorist act against the state of Israel. The judge found no evidence that Abo Dayeb was even involved in the alleged altercation. A week later, Mikhael Solsbury, one of the key Jewish solidarity activists was also arrested due to his involvement in organizing the weekly protests. In his case the judge also found no evidence and again noted police misconduct. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky spoke to activists, lawyers, settlers, and residents of Sheikh Jarrah to understand the struggle and the recent repression.




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