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Civil & Human Rights

News and activities concerning loss of civil liberties, human rights violations, Constitutional violations, etc.

Evil Exists

by Larry Abraham (published at iconoclast.ca)
[Note to editors: this is a copy/paste from iconoclast.ca, but a bit hard to link to. This is why we don't delete it. Hope this doesn't evolve into a habbit :) ]

דפוסי עינויים

סדרת עבודות מאת אורי קליינר המבוססות על צילומי העינויים מבתי הכלא האמריקאים בעירק

Photographic images depicting the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of U.S service men and women were recently circulated in the American news media. Conforming to a fixed news format, the grotesque images were neatly packaged into news items and brought to public attention. The initial limited number of images available enabled the media to sterilize the horrific narrative embedded in those photographs, allowing officials and pundits alike to dub them ‘isolated incidents’.

Ori Kleiner is an independent multimedia artist. He lives in New York City, and teaches at the New School University, and at the School of Visual Arts.

Dispelling myths about gay activism

[ Originally posted as "Leftist Campus Totalitarianism". Left here as an example of "don't change other people's articles before you copy/paste, we'll catch you anyway" ]


NO WAR NO BUSH! Rome, June 4 Photo reportages

to those that wanted another day of war

נזק נפשי בלתי-הפיך

[בתחילת יוני] עשתה הקהילה הבינלאומית מעשה מדהים.
תוך כניעה לתכתיבו של ג'ורג' בוש, קיבל ה"קוורטט" את "תוכנית ההתנתקות המתוקנת" של אריאל שרון. כלומר: ארגון האומות המאוחדות, האיחוד האירופי, הפדרציה הרוסית וארצות-הברית אישרו את המסמך הזה. מסופקני אם מישהו מהדיפלומטים הנכבדים אכן קרא את המסמך במו עיניו.
בסעיף הראשון של ה"תכנית" מופיעות המלים הבאות: "מדינת ישראל הגיעה למסקנה כי אין כיום שותף פלסטיני, מולו ניתן להתקדם בתהליך שלום דו-צדדי."
כלומר, במחי-יד אישרה הקהילה הבינלאומית כי לעם הפלסטיני אין זכות להשתתף בקביעת גורלו. הכל ייקבע על-ידי ממשלת ישראל לבדה, באישור ארצות-הברית, אשר עמדתה מתקבלת אוטומטית על-ידי שאר שותפות ה"קוורטט".

Israeli Snipers Target Palestinian Children

On the morning of Tuesday, May 18 Asma al-Mughair, 16, and her brother Ahmed, 13, died on the roof of their home in the Tel as Sultan district of Rafah. Each of them was shot in the upper body by an Israeli sniper. The following day thirteen year old Saber Abu Libdeh was killed by a bullet through his heart. He and two of his brothers were also targeted by a sniper as they attempted to fetch drinking water for their family, also in the sealed off neighbourhood of Tel as Sultan. Ruwan Abu Zaid died on Sunday the 23rd of May, her fifth birthday...

More Air Strikes against Gaza Metal Workshops

Three residents suffered light injuries as Israel Air Force helicopters fired Saturday night missiles at a metal workshop in the Al-Mughazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The attack came 24 hours after Israeli helicopters fired six missiles at two other metal workshops and a building in a Gaza City neighborhood...

Israel deports S.F. activist

Originally copy/pasted as "ISM Terrorist Lived with Suicide Bomber!!" Here's how you do it right. Next time it gets deleted (not even hidden). Read the editorial policy on the sidebar

-- Da IMC Bitch

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