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New Organic Wine and Olive Oil Cooperative being formed inside the Green Line

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I am thinking of making alliyah- this sounds like a wonderful opportunity- can anyone let me know if its legitimate?

Peace and Jerusalem's blessings to all,

I am looking for Artists and people who believe in Art and want to live by their Art; My chosen one is film, I practice more disciplines too, but am creating a community where we can make movies, and of course TV or whatever else we call our Art, Crafts of course are included as equals in the new Holywood (one "L" intended).

I am a Carlebach Hasid, one of the founders of Me'Or Modiim and I am creating a new village in Israel, to honor my Rebbe ZTz"l's memory and provide a place in the sunshine for my neighbors' children and mine.

You can see me at www.livefrompicnic. com/photo/ 291500

Kerem Bnei Shlomo, the Children of Solomon Vineyard, is an Organic and Biodynamic Cooperative being formed in Israel, within the Green Line, across Highway 443 from Me'Or Modiim, the original Carlebach Moshav, which is located in the beautiful Ben Shemen forest, 4 miles from Ben Gurion Airport and a 20 minute train ride to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

It is only one mile from the new city of Modiin, which has reached 100.000 souls, and four miles from Kiriat Sefer, which numbers about 120.000.

There will be 150 plots of 15.000 square meters each, of which 80% will be planted with 5.000 vines or 2.500 olive trees of your chosen variety, 10% set aside for eventually building a home and 10% reserved for future infrastructure.

After four years from planting the estimated production of each plot is of at least 5.000 bottles of either wine or olive oil of the highes quality, and by the tenth year of at least twice these figures; the workload required is one and a half to two months a year, which leaves the rest of the year free to make movies or whatever else you want, as long as it is legal and not a hassle on the neighbors.

The wine and oil production plant will be cooperative, with individual tanks for each plot lessee (in Israel land is owned by the state and it is leased for 99 years at a price which, for agriculture amounts to a fraction of the subsidies the state pays for the time land is being worked but there is no harvest yet, whereas for urban development zones the lease price is probably around one hundred times that of agriculturally zoned land).

Eventually a studio/theatre/ cinematheque/ Modern Art Museum complex, will be built,a hotel, a youth hostel, and a satellite dish farm, plus wind and solar energy supply for the whole complex.

More details are available at

www.facebook. com

and at www.groups.yahoo. com/group/ keremil

I am presently traveling around Europe to find suitable candidates and will be touring North and South America in the Summer months; planting is please G-d foreseen for next Spring.

This is not an offer of land for building purpose, but it is foreseen that within a maximum of five years building a home on the 10% of land reserved will be legal and in ten years it will be a green oasis surrounded by urban development as Kibbutz Ramat Rachel is in Jerusalem, with the city of Modiin combined with Kiriat Sefer reaching at least half a Million inhabitants.

Needless to say, the huge Aliyah wave expected from North America will triple the value of ANY investment in Israeli Real Estate.

Those who make Aliya or commuters to Israel can in the meantime rent or buy an apartment in nearby Modiin or wherever else they choose, and those who choose to miss out on the health and joy that working the land provides can hire others to work and still make a very decent income from wine, oilor the rest of facilities available.

A plot can also be acquired in shares as follows:

Each share consists of an olive tree or two vines without choice of varieties, guaranteed to be healthy with immediate replacement of any sick tree from a lot reserved as insurance; a yearly dividend is guaranteed and consists of a bottle of wine or olive oil for life of the nominal owner of the share (you can buy it for a child, and save or drink the whine until (s)he has grown up...) except for the Shemitta years, which is practiced fully so the harvest is left on the land.

When the residential development stage is reached, it will be open to those who are willing to get along with their neighbors and respect their feelings no matter what their level of religious observance or lack thereof, in other words there will be Orthodox, Reform and Disco coexistence.

The community will have a statute guaranteeing the rights of each member to a peaceful and productive, therefore contented life, with an internally elected management team obligated to full transparency for each decision and action taken, and none can be taken without fully informing its constituents or their chosen delegates, and obtaining their approval by majority; naturally, routine and periodic action approval remains in force unless revoked by majority.

I will answer any question directly, ask me at: pizzarebbe@gmail. com

Eliahu Gal-Or - The Pizza Rebbe:

BLOG: www.pizzarebbe. blogspot. com


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