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Come to the Protest!

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Screw Hollywood Leftists

Protest Streisand/Kerry Fund Raiser
Written by the ChronWatch Founder, Jim Sparkman
Monday, June 21, 2004

Please FORWARD this message to all of your pro-USA/President Bush supporters...
Please JOIN US on THURSDAY (6/24) at 6 p.m.
outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles -- as we protest the
John Kerry/Barbra Streisand
$10,000/couple FUNDRAISER!

Note: You do NOT have to be a "Schwarzenegger Supporter" to join us at this event. The benefits of the MEDIA coverage of the "Arnold vs. Kerry" theme of "OUR GOVERNOR can beat up YOUR CANDIDATE!" should outweigh any negatives from the "Arnold is not conservative enough" folks on OUR side, imho.

For a map, directions, parking information, and all the "last minute" details, please see the NEW thread now posted here:
pre-FReep info: Kerry/Streisand fundraiser in L.A. [Disney Concert Hall] THURSDAY (6/24) 6pm

Schwarzenegger Supporters to Confront John Kerry at Streisand fundraiser (6/24)

Los Angeles - Members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Free Republic Network (also known as the "Hollywood Resistance Force") plan to join other local supporters of President George Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on THURSDAY, June 24 at 6 p.m., as they protest Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Billy Crystal and Willie Nelson outside a "ten thousand dollar per couple" fundraiser for Kerry at the Walt Disney Concert Hall--which was originally scheduled for the week after President Reagan died.

Carrying large colorful signs that say "OUR GOVERNOR can beat up YOUR CANDIDATE!" and "Reagan was The GIPPER, but Kerry is The FLIPPER!" they intend to contrast Kerry's irritating tendency to "flip flop" his positions on important national issues with Schwarzenegger's "tough guy" persona crafted from his roles in action movies like the "Terminator." "We support President Bush," says L.A. FRN Chapter Vice President Ron Smith. "And, we believe that Governor Schwarzenegger shares President Reagan's gift for energizing Californians with a clear vision that will help President Bush 'terminate' Kerry's political aspirations."

"If America had listened to John Kerry," he continues, "Saddam Hussein would still be in KUWAIT right now, rather than being in CAPTIVITY. Kerry even voted against the FIRST Gulf War." Carrying a sign that says "Only 'FOREIGN' Leaders (like SADDAM) like John Kerry!" and wearing a Saddam mask, Smith adds, "These 'Stars for Kerry' may have MUSICAL talent, but POLITICALLY, they are dangerously naive. Unlike Streisand, Schwarzenegger (like Reagan before him) has had the courage to subject HIS political opinions to vigorous public debate--at the ballot box, not just at the box office." In the words of nationally-syndicated talk radio host Laura Ingraham's recent book, those who support Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush believe that these misguided "Stars for Kerry" should just "Shut Up, and SING!"
By harnessing the power of the Internet, the Free Republic Forum (www.FreeRepublic.com) gave birth to a new level of grassroots activism that demonstrates how dedicated citizens can effect change by awakening and mobilizing the vast numbers of Americans who still support the rule of law. The Free Republic Network (www.FreeRepublic.net) organizes, educates, and supports grassroots activists and connects national organizations with grassroots groups and activists across the country that share their common goals and beliefs.
For more information, please contact Ron Smith at (310) 416-9155 or ronsmith@quixnet.net

Note: The opinions of members of the Free Republic Network do not necessarily represent those of the management or staff of the conservative news forum FreeRepublic.com, the Republican Party, or Bush/Cheney '04 - although, as Rush Limbaugh says, they SHOULD. :o)


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