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רשת אינדימדיה העולמית



עצומה בעד חלוקה צודקת של משאבי התרבות בישראל

Al-Ma'sara Solidarity Call Out

mock checkpoint action in pittsburgh

Israelis Call On Norway to Divest from Occupation

קריאה להשתתפות במאבקו של נורי אל עוקבי

עצומה ותרומות למאבק בגזענות בגן בעמר

Help Israeli Human Rights Activist Ezra Nawi

Without international intervention Israeli human rights activist Ezra Nawi will most likely be sent to jail.

Ezra Nawi has been active for years in the area known as South Mt. Hebron. The Palestinians in this small desolate area in the very south of the West Bank have been under Israeli occupation for almost 42 years; they still live without electricity, running water and other basic services, and are continuously harassed by the Jewish settlers who constantly violate both Israeli and International law, and are backed by a variety of Israeli military occupation forces, all of which operate in an effort to cleanse the area from its Palestinian inhabitants and create a new demographic reality in it.

Eviction Notices & Court for Sheikh Jerrah Residents ע

ווידיאו: עינויים | התיאטרון החי | בחברה כובשת

The May 2009 Newsreal is complete!

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