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Ashraf Marwan

Rules of the game, Palestinian-style

Syrian Mole leaks info re: nuclear reactor

Israel obtained detailed photographs from inside an alleged Syrian nuclear facility prior to carrying out an air strike on September 6

Why is George Bush Alienating America Russia China India Muslims et al

Does anyone know the answer?

Muslim Scholars and Leaders move towards The World Peace Religion

A giant leap in the right direction.

Second Coming Jesus Christ Promised to Perfect the Ann Coulter Crowd

If everything on earth was so perfect then what need would there be for a second coming?

Oxford Research Group blows away David Petraeus and George Bush

They want us to weed out the root of the clash of civilizations leading us all to nuclear war in Iran and the extinction of life on earth in Nuclear World War 3.

Leftists Photographed Staging "Settler Harassment of Arabs"

Nuclear Dictatorship -- the Portland Plan

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, focuses the 911 Truth community on the largest-ever US government terror drills, dirty nuke simulations in Portland, Phoenix and Guam from October 15-19. Given widespread rumors of a war with Iran beginning in mid-October, the public should keep a sharp and skeptical eye on the Bush administration.

The Spiritual Reasons We Love Computers Golf and Men

It’s more than the physical and spiritual connection between Bill Gates and Chi Chi Rodriguez.

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