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Paralysis of the Palestinian resistance / Kiril Hadar

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In times of crisis and conflict, it is customary to think that it is necessary to strive for a solution. Some argue that it should be done by the sword and others say it should be done around the negotiating table. Although these approaches are completely contradictory to each other, what they have in common is that both of them offer something, one way or the other, as long as the sow an alternative.

If you have even little experience every single situation in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Middle East, you know that the explosive barrel is already thousands of years old. There have always been wars, conflicts, crises, and much, much bloodshed, for all sides. Sometime it was agreed that the mantra should be changed in order to stop creating victims. The heads of the various communities have agreed that the way of the sword came to an end and that they had a national and international obligation to change that bad behavior pattern.

Well, not everybody, unfortunately there still are conservative extremists on both sides who believe that the way of the sword is still on top and that it should be continued using it's ways and methods to improvise, but are they a minority in this conflict? At least for one side in the conflict, this side is the majority – this side is the Israeli side.

There is no denying that Israel is dominant in all aspects: militarily, economically, and politically. Israel decides when to open checkpoint x or y checkpoint and when to close them. Israel decides if one would own a blue ID card, and whether someone else would or wouldn't. Israel decides whether and when there would be war and whether and when there would be a truce. In fact any process whatsoever is submitted to the decisions of the Zionist government.

But how surprising is that it was the passive side with low political and military means that decided to be a slave to the dominant government in place. This side which is actually weak, starved, crying from his heart day and night due to being abused by the dominant government that chose to be anti regional. Instead of demand, shouting and crying "Help", and perform actions on behalf of a radical opposition to the abusive government, it chose to reach out for peace.

It is excruciatingly painful to see the Palestinian resistance without action, paralyzed, and not militant. Militancy is what characterized the Palestinian national struggle. That's what caused the international community to understand, internalize, and sometimes even shed a tear for the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian resistance has chosen mantra of peace against and the Zionist war and killing machine. In such a sad situation, the Israelis do not find it necessary to make peace with the Palestinian colleague. It is not the willingness for peace that they see in front of their eyes but their religious extremism and fascism that caught a strong momentum among them.

So what about the international community? It is in total paralysis. Why wouldn't it be? The Arab oil continues to deliver the goods, the threats to the skyscrapers in New - York were silenced completely, and even Bin-Laden stopped issuing tapes. Is there a Muslim struggle out there? No, there's only one thing: an international problem and put the Palestinian resistance paralysis Middle East, and a paralysis on the part of the international opposition to Islam. And as long as this is the case, members of the western culture and those who are sattled in Zion may continue to bicker with each other in deadly boring inter-political frames and perhaps even kick the wayward neighbors sometimes, you know, for the commemoration.

* The writer is chairman of DCME

Deborah Congress Middle East

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Re: Paralysis of the Palestinian resistance / Kiril Hadar

Very important article !!!

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