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Open Shuhada Street Demo Update

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About 100 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters

gathered next to the closed gates of the Israeli army blockade on Shuhada

street in the Saturday demonstration of the “Open Shuhada Street” campaign
in Hebron. After some chanting and speeches, several Israeli soldiers
attacked the demonstration and violently grabbed into arrest one Israeli
protester. It was later found out that the protester was arrested after
being identified by one of the soldiers in regard to last week's demo, a
demo he didn't even attend. He was taken to interrogation in the Kiryat Arba
settlement police station.

The demonstration continued with the usual march through the old city
alleys, but without any more clashes with the army, which blocked all the
alleys that are close to settlers homes, so the "distinguished" settlers
won't be disturbed by the protesters' chantings. In previous demos settlers
threw water, and sometimes other objects, including stones, at the march.
Nevertheless, the apartheid army chose to punish and silence the Palestinian
protesters and their allies by further restricting their movement in a city
already cut in half by segregation.


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