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Bil'in's Friday Demo Report

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Dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation in Bil'ins weekly demonstration 16
July against the wall
16 July 2010 -Today the people of Bil'in were joined by about 100
internationals. People were carrying posters to honor Fayyes Tanin, a
Palestinian leader of the grassroot's movement who passed away 6 weeks ago.
As the protesters stopped some meters from the gate, facing the soldiers on
the other side, the army started shooting tear gas without any warning and
without a single stone being thrown. Majd Burnat 12 year old carrying a
camera to document military violence passed out from the inhalation, and had
to be taken back to the village. Another young boy was hit by a tear gas
canister in his stomach, and suffered from pain. Seven of the internationals
joining today were from a French group named CCIPPP, arranged by Mustafa,
coming to support the Palestinian struggle. Another five Palestinians came
from Tulkarem, where Fayyes Tanin is from. A number of members of the
Palestinian Popular Struggle Front were also coming from all over Palestine
to support Bil'in this Friday. The soldiers were already standing close to
the gate as the protestors reached the top of the hill, accompanied by
border police, obviously ready to run in and make arrests. After less than a
minute, much tear gas was shot into the crowd, both cylinder shaped and the
regular round shaped. As people ran towards the village, gas continued to be
shot, in addition to a few stun grenades. About ten soldiers lined up on the
road, preventing people to come close to the gate, while another ten went in
among the olive trees, shooting tear gas from a closer distance. The
cylinder shaped tear gas canisters can cause severe damage when they hit
from a short distance. Today a young boy was hit in his stomach, fortunately
from such distance that did not cause a serious injury. Another 12 year old
boy carrying a camera to document military violence, passed out from too
much tear gas, and had to be taken back to the village. No arrests were made
today, in spite of much effort from the Israeli army, and the demonstration 

 came to an end after 1,5 hours.    


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