Yoel Marshak Strengthens Gaza Seige for Gilad Shalit

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Dear all

Yoel Marshak - the head of the Kibbutz Movement Task force - is organizing a massive stoppage of all trucks with goods/aid entering Gaza until Gilad Shalit is released. Furthermore he is also calling for Israel to prohibit all diplomats from entering the Gaza Strip until Shalit is released.

These actions are immoral and inhumane and will do NOTHING to get Gilad Shalit back to us - something that all Israelis yearn for.

This is a call for all to protest Yoel Marshak's newest initiative

What you can do:
Sign the petition calling for the end to the ongoing siege/blockade of Gaza - http://www.atzuma. co.il/petition/ jchaitin/ 3 - and please also write/fax/call the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and other MPs/Ministers, and the Kibbutz Movement (Marshak heads its "Task force") protesting Marshak's initiative.

Prime Minister - bnetanyahu@knesset. gov.il
telephone 02-6408456
fax: 02-6496659

Defense Minister - ehudb@knesset. gov.il
telephone : 02-6753223
fax 02-6496117

Vice Defense Minister - matanv@knesset. gov.il
telephone: 02-6408332
telephone: 02-6408331
fax: 02-6408903

Mailing addresses for all the above and other MPs - כתובת: כנסת ישראל, ירושלים, 91950
Address in English - Knesset Yisrael, Jerusalem, 91950


Link to phone/fax numbers & emails for Kibbutz Movement Task Force
(link at end of notice)

Link to the Mazkirut of the Kibbutz Movement for protesting Task Force Actions - Head of the Kibbutz Movement - Volva Shur - maz@tkz.co.il

For those calling/faxing from abroad - the country code to Israel is 972, and the zero before the two in the Jerusalem area code is not dialled. For example, dial - 972-3-6753223 - for Defense Minister Ehud Barak.


We cannot let such inhumane measures be undertaken in our name!

Julia Chaitin

Julia Chaitin, Ph.D.
Dept. of Social Work - Sapir Academic College and
The Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development
Home address: Kibbutz Urim, D.N. Hanegev, ISRAEL
Phone (h): 972-8-9920445; Phone (c) : 972-54-7976090
e-mail: jchaitin@yahoo. com or jchaitin@urim. org.ilRelatedhttp://www.kibbutz.org.il/cgi-webaxy/tel/mig-tel.pl?get_entries=1&cat=מזכירות&ID=3&sort=lname&view=cat&template=http://www.kibb


Only Jews may be transferred, right jordan?

Only Jews may be transferred, right jordan?