Al-Ma'sara Solidarity Call Out

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The Al-Ma’sara Committee against the Wall and Settlements has been
organizing and participating in demonstrations against the confiscation of
their land for the past two and a half years. Participants and committee
members are known for their strict adherence to non-violent tactics in
demonstrations. While the protesters maintained their usual tactics on 1 May
2009, Israeli forces escalated their attempt to suppress the non-violent
resistance by arresting several demonstrators. A new military commander,
stationed in the area two months prior, had announced his intentions to end
the resistance and implemented tactics such as night invasions of
organizer’s homes, destruction of property and threats.

During the demonstration on 1 May 2009, the Israeli army arrested three
members of the Al-Ma’sara Committee against the Wall and Settlements; Hasan
Bergia, Mohammad Bergia and Mahmoud Sawahre. Additionally, Israeli forces
arrested Mustafa Fuara; a resident of Al-Ma’sara, Azmi Ash-Shyukhi; a
resident of Hebron, Haggai Matar; an Israeli solidarity activist and Tom
Stocker, a British national volunteering with the Holy Land Trust.

The army alleged that the arrested demonstrators were involved in rioting,
interfering with police work, assault of soldiers and policemen, and the
destruction of military property.

The Israeli activist Matar and British volunteer Stocker, were released the
same day on 1,500 NIS bail with conditions of not entering the West Bank for
two weeks. Azmi Ash-Shyukhi; Mustafa Fuara; and Mahmoud Sawahre, were
released on bail (50,000 NIS all together) after being held in military
prison for almost two weeks on 13 May 2009.

Hassan Bergia and Mohammad Bergia, members of the Al-Ma’sara Committee
Against the Wall and Settlements, are still being held.

Mohammad Bergia’s lawyer will appeal for his release and letters of support
can help shed light on the injustice of his arrest. Show support for
Mohammad Bergia and help apply pressure for his release by signing and
sending the sample letter below to [email protected].


To Whom It May Concern,

I was disturbed to learn that Mr. Muhamad Bergia, a member of the Popular
Committee of the village of Al-Maasara in the West Bank, was arrested for
peacefully demonstrating against Israel's separation fence on May 1st, 2009
and is still being held in prison. Over the past two and a half years Mr.
Bergia and his associates have displayed an unshakable commitment to
non-violence and to dignified action.

Mr. Bergia in particular is well known for his commitment to the struggle
for peace through non-violent means and for his willingness to work in
partnership with Israelis. He is a respected member of the community; Bergia
is the secretary of the local council village and a teacher in the village.
I am impressed with his honesty and commitment to non-violence. My
understanding of Israeli law is that the right to demonstrate peacefully is
protected. Mr. Bergia should be commended and not punished for his efforts.

I hope and trust that Mr. Bergia will be allowed to return to his family,
including his young daughter, and community without further delay and that
his name be cleared of all accusations.




TThere is no "peaceful co-existance with Hamas

TThere is no "peaceful co-existance with Hamas. To negotiate with Hamas is just to set a price for future teror. Its time that the Arabs stopped this racist jihad and just accepted Israel as the Jewish state.