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Re: Re: Zionist Extremism Rejects, Works Against Peace

You didn't answer the question.

Chanting in the streets out of anger isn't the same as actually plotting to, and enacting plans to destroy a People.

Their own statements, and work in undermining this process, only highlights Zionist Extremism's rejection of negotiation, compromise, and peace. It is the Palestinians who have no partner, and this shameful display only proves that.
Yishai, Lieberman won't sanction outpost removal

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's coalition partners on the Right - Israel Beiteinu and Shas - urged him on Tuesday to return from the peace talks in Annapolis straight to military moves in the Gaza Strip.

(That's not the Right, it's the Extreme Right, the Hard Right. There's a big difference. And Olmert's plan all along has been to engage in massive Aggressions as soon as this PR show ends.)

Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman and Shas chairman Eli Yishai said they would remain in the government until actual concessions are implemented, downplaying Olmert's pledges to make painful compromises after negotiations which will begin next month. But they made clear that to keep them satisfied, Olmert must act immediately to stop rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

(A Government held hostage to Extremists will never deliver peace to its people. And Israel's own defense officials have stated several times that it's own imposition of Collective Punishment on Gaza is the cause of the rocket attacks.)

"The goal has to be dismantling Hamas in the Gaza Strip and we are demanding this," Lieberman said.

(What gives him the right to DEMAND anything?)

"Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] and [Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam] Fayad expect us to act against Hamas in Gaza just as much as the people of Sderot, who deserve to sleep at night."

(Sderot is threatened because of Israeli Extremism's previous actions in undermining the democratically-elected Government of Hamas.)

Lieberman called the speeches of US President George W. Bush, Olmert and Abbas "pathetic declarations that we have heard before."

(He's threatening Olmert's PR by making such statements, which is futile, as Olmert isn't serious about peace anyway.)

He mocked the joint declaration of Olmert and Abbas that Bush read at the conference, saying that "we saw how hard it was for them to even reach a small, pitiful statement that they could agree on."

(That's because Extremists like Lieberman (who advocates the wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians) forbade them from talking about anything substantial.)

Yishai also expressed doubt that the forthcoming negotiations between Olmert and Abbas would accomplish anything and he questioned Olmert's decision to negotiate with a Palestinian leader lacking the power to implement any potential deal.

(And, since they worked so hard to scuttle any talks, they're completely right.)

"Both sides presented their dreams and the question is to what reality we will wake up," Yishai said. "The Palestinian leadership still hasn't undertaken its first commitment in the road map of stopping violence and that means stopping the Kassams and the incitement. I support peace with a real partner but not a virtual one."

(His own statements, and his work in undermining this process, only highlights Zionist Extremism's rejection of negotiation, compromise, and peace. It is the Palestinians who have no partner, and this shameful display only proves that.)

Yishai said that his party's red line for remaining in the coalition would be concessions in Jerusalem. He warned Olmert in an interview with Channel 10 not to take Shas for granted.

(The Israeli People should remember who it is keeping them from reaching peace, and ensuring they remain under threat, for their own interests.)

"We want peace too, but right now, it's a fantasy," Yishai said. "Only after terror stops can we talk about concessions. We have been in the opposition before and we are not afraid to return there. When we see that the government is proceeding toward danger, we will no longer remain in the government."

(In other words, they want 'peace' which doesn't include the Palestinians. In other words, they don't want peace, and will ensure nobody else gets it either.)

Former Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz welcomed the possibility of a government without Shas and Israel Beiteinu in an interview with Radio Kol Chai. He said the government could survive with the backing of parties like Meretz.

(Parties such as these shouldn't even be allowed in politics.)

"If there will be problems with [Shas and Israel Beiteinu], I think we can rely on support from the left-wing parties in the opposition," Peretz said. "In any case, the next general election won't be until 2009."

Meretz leader Yossi Beilin was among the few opposition members to applaud Olmert's speech. He said that if the prime minister intended to go through with all the promises he made at Annapolis, he would need to break with the right-wing factions in his coalition.

(He made no actual promises, and isn't truly interested in peace, as his plans for war betray.)

National Union-National Religious Party MKs released statements expressing outrage at hints in Olmert's speech that he would be willing to concede parts of Jerusalem in future peace negotiations.

(The outrage should be towards those who won't negotiate, compromise, or 'sacrifice' in order to attain permanent peace.)

"The time has come for Lieberman and Shas to break from the government, before the government breaks up Jerusalem," NU-NRP MK Effi Eitam said.

Will you go fight when these Extremists intensify their war?

The Israelis partners say

Death to Israel death to America

Tens of thousands of people in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Tuesday rallied against the Mideast peace conference underway in the U.S while the group's top leader in Gaza insisted the summit is "doomed to failure."
The comments by Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas government in Gaza, came as protesters began filling a huge square in Gaza City, chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and calling Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a "collaborator" for attending the gathering at Annapolis, Md.

Smaller demonstrations were held in Abbas' West Bank stronghold, including a protest that was violently broken up by police beating people with sticks and firing tear gas.

"Annapolis is a disaster for us," said Amina Hasanat, a 37-year-old mother of eight who demonstrated in a women-only section of the Gaza City rally. Dressed in a black robe and black and green headband, she predicted the conference would end in failure. "This will be an advantage for the resistance," she said.

Gaza's Hamas rulers have been staging daily demonstrations against the U.S.-hosted conference, restating their commitment to Israel's destruction and promising to reject any decisions that come out of Annapolis. The criticism has grown increasingly vitriolic, with one Hamas leader on Monday calling Abbas a "traitor."

Polls show that a majority of both Palestinians and Israelis favor a negotiated settlement to the conflict. However, a majority on each side is also skeptical that the current peace push will bear fruit.

Hamas violently seized control of Gaza last June after routing forces loyal to Abbas, and the president's lack of control of Gaza has raised questions about his ability to carry out a future peace deal. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said he will not implement a peace agreement without a halt to militant attacks emanating from Gaza.

"Hamas violently seized control of Gaza last June after routing forces loyal to Abbas", who had collaborated with Israel and the US Administration in a failed coup attempt.

Re: Death to Israel death to America
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28 Nov 2007
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The Gaza protest began with several thousand pro-Hamas students and quickly grew into tens of thousands of people. Smaller militant groups, including Islamic Jihad, also took part. Participants chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Ismail Haniyeh spoke as protesters began filling a huge square in Gaza City, chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and calling President Abbas a "collaborator" for attending Annapolis.

In Gaza, where the Islamist party Hamas seized control in June, tens of thousands marched to chants of "Death to Israel, death to America" and called Abbas a "traitor" for accepting Israel's existence and trying to launch talks on founding a Palestinian state in only the West Bank and Gaza.

Iran, on cue, said it had developed a new long-range ballistic missile, while thousands of supporters of the Islamist movement Hamas protested in Gaza, chanting "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and scorning the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, as a "collaborator".,,2218116,00.html