God Damn the Corporate News American

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I DEMAND a public debate with Americans on the FACT that
George Walker Bush is a war criminal. Example to Humanity:
the Iraq conflict has no cause. Period. Despite demon Bush
repeatedly LYING that Saddam wouldn’t let the inspectors in.

God Damn the Corporate News American

I DEMAND a public debate with Americans on the FACT that
George Walker Bush is a war criminal. Example to Humanity:
the Iraq conflict has no cause. Period. Despite demon Bush
repeatedly LYING that Saddam wouldn’t let the inspectors in.


Saddam wasn't found in violation of 1441. VERDICT: No reason
to murder more than a Million Innocent People indiscriminately
to thieve from for the zionist neocons liars responsible for
911. Soldiers who war GOD for Mr. Bush are enemies of American
Liberty, and deserve to die before the innocent they target as
'no cause' war criminals.

We can not be defeated, for we never have been even challenged
on what is globally, well documented as indisputable. Support
my continuing demands for open communications to benefit any
as Justice for all. All war profiteers will be sought for
prosecution as the worst of criminality. AEGIS, CACI, and
Blackwater will pay with their worthless lives through public
trials for first degree murdering our families never forsaken
in my living forever name.

Now or Never - One Peoples Rise to Power


A New Life

A new life was brought into our world, and a bushite pondered
that Heart, and threw it off a cliff for entertaining laughs.
Laughs in knowing such action could make every child of Earth
cry, that such action could make many American men feel
helpless in knowing, such an enemy to Life, would dare steal
the image of America as Once Great, risking itself continuing
on with no more of a death threat than a small fine if
anything. However. If we publicly demand the puppy killers
be tried quickly for a tossing off a cliff for fairer
sentencing, then the torturers and rapists might soon fear,
they’re never gonna get away from US either. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of God as Love.

We shall Start with public demands for the formal arrest
without bail of traitors Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld and
Myers for the crimes of 911.

As for our British Loves, call for the immediate public arrest
of the con man Peter Power, as the probable cause for the
'al-Qaida' crimes of 7/7. Along with Ian and Tony Blair with
their phony cop who was caught guilty for lying as our media
over and over again, to then finally confess, he gunned down
an innocent man for no 'known' good reason as an escaping
MURDERER. And to never forget why the bushite will continue
to die rightly: All for, The Queen's Best soldiers, who
kidnapped barefooted children from Iraq to be beaten to death
on prized video for their godless pleasure of hate for Loving.


Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Boy, this new game is something, not just another, 'questions
are stupid. lets just kill whomever-shoot-us-uppers', a
computer game of life maybe worth the buy, if for only the
reality concept..

New York City is over run by thieving bushite nazis savages,
so you, as one of few proud and brave of a, left to die
leaderless, Corporated into lawlessness, America, give the
bushite nazis, the real welcome they deserve with fire works.
(As freedom killing terrorist liars, the blind to reason bushite
always are. [unless seeking forgiveness for such cowardice])
Like it or not. Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad, and we have
video of iron flowing like water from the towers. And...
murder is illegal.. So, DIE BUSHITE DIE by trial and jury we
WILL stand for God and Country to defeat evil Nazi tyranny,
guaranteed. It's written in the stars. Your paying for some
crime. What are YOU good for? The Man says, Evidence is
Everything. ..and a person accused of a criminal offense
without any public evidence to surmise, is still innocent to
anyone. Justice Will Rule when we know what true freedom is
gained, by enforcing anti-torture in all cases, then actively
hunting down, as Reagan's War Law States, the bushite
personally responsible for crimes against Humanity in our
stolen Names. We have the demon repuglicons who are voting on
the support of torture as something other than TREASONOUS that
excuses a murder of an innocent other, as godlessly sadistic.
[For even the True Satanist, or True Atheist, would bill these
grunting bushite torturers without even sweating about what's
right or wrong. thinking.] Those censors like Rush Limbaugh or
Shaun Hannity that refuse our wiser minds, do so because
Freedom defeats them in seconds - to be the disturbing
groveller to self destruction that they confess to be, hiding
from nobody. However: In Johnny's America, they's not down
burning in the fiery pits of hell symbolically to teach US all
a valuable lesson, Theys got millions from us for "our"
continual wanting of yet more mass murders as worst than any
fictions since dreamt, and I, the Wisest Godman on Earth,
instead of having Coast to Coast public interest, have mostly
zionist crazed insults from extreme sexual dysfunctionals,
offering to whore to a hundred and 50 something countries -
just to fuk you up as lost again to the cause of Liberty.
SEE? My critics can't criticize me on my facts, because we
are truly dying here forsaking ourselves, truly dying as victims,
because of the corporate media refusing to HONESTLY take our
continuing challenges to report on. Look, CNN and FOXNEWS hosts
have multi-million dollar salaries to cover nothing as important
enough to honestly gauge US on, while I, I got hunger pangs
feeding my growing costs. Support giving generously to me as
my fledgling company, and soon, god willing, I'll be able to
leastly afford myself a bus ticket with a tape recorder to get
myself down to Washington DC, where I should be giving answers
to the People whose questions have not as of yet, arrived from
departure. Even with the speed of the Internet and
everything, we are still putting harmful chemicals in our
vaccines, foods and waters, that do nothing but kill us
quicker. Stupid proved a million times over, or, no.. master
genius of a new world order, whatever, it must stop, and it
must stop now. But, not according to CNN, CBC, BBC, FOXNEWS,
and newspaper editors who are much more into money taking by
blindly supporting in print, the killing of innocent Peoples
in Our Name through Israel, for the stolen cash kickbacks, by
just claiming they don't hear US really screaming.. Ever?

Sad, but without your generous dollar donation to the cause,
(meaning more than being near less than nothing you people'll
please give me in return,) i may yet go short again, so our
bankers can take even greater monies by investing in our
denied "failures". How about supporting my rise to demand
public debate on Justice actually Ruling: by Publicly
arresting for Public Trial by TV Jury, Mr. Bush and Cheney
immediately, for the crimes of high treason as a major
misdemeanor. 1. They closed down investigations following
the 911 crime scene leads, designed by the lawMakers of the
Land to capture the actual terrorist bad guy leaders of true
evil - you know, the Crooks. (Obstruction is serious!) NOBODY
disagrees?, publicly? ! SEE? CNN CBC AND FOXNEWS ain't
really taking our calls for listening then are they for
Justice? It could be dreamed that we are only refused for to
be, not valid as fairly recognized. Like, how absurd! that
Obama's preacher suggests supporting WAR crimes AGAINST
HUMANITY, is a crime against God too? See, corporate America
couldn't give a dying soldier a clean glass of water to save
his forsaken life, because hey!, who cares? CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS certainly don't care about escaping the bushite enemy
responsible for the lives lost through the crimes of 911, and
so on.... but my friend... do you?? Believe I mean.. In
Justice winning a Freedom for all included? Leaving US to
media condemnation, is to leave yourself a place as History.
When a bushite dies, I celebrate the saving of innocent lives.

All irrational bushite dumfuk are godless enemies of Humanity,
and worthy the death sentence to defend our dying innocent
families they target as theives to murder for the zionist
neocon liars.


Send this post to your favorite talk host, newspaper, or
bar message board if sparing me a few dollars from Japan
seems rather obscure. All for the sake of knowing a brother's
down on his luck to find some love for Liberty in America.

Did you hear! The Kadr team found a bushite manufacturing
evidence in the military commisions trial. Death sentence
for the bushite enemy, or more crimes against ourselves
as the innocent for torturers, rapists and thieves...
Clearly, enemies of Freedom in America. We decide. Why must
all Humanity die for Americans contempt for Justice?, to
not even fight for OUR rights, as if, My rights were

The True One Son of God as Beloved,

King Johnny Wizard

P.S. I seriously need to eat.
Please help me, by supporting our cause to not starve to
death. If you appreciate my words in defense of the once
great Human race, donate a few dollars to this cause. Justice
and Freedom for all, especially God as Just, and worthy our
praise for Peace. Donate me leastly five dollars for milk and
bread please.



Loose Change 3 Final Cut


How They Voted: Torture Bill

These be criminals of the worst order. In America, today,
the standing Reagan Law, demands that these bushite enemies of
God serve a minimum of 25 years, for knowingly supporting the
war crimes actions of torturing innocent Peoples to Death.
As President, with the Armed Forces in tow, we will arrest,
try, and convict all these demon enemies of freedom for

Look, we have to realize: everyone knows a bushite cop killer
thief is a cowardly enemy of America, who wars God and Humanity
as OUR ENEMIES for the criminal escape of the neocon Zionists
responsible personally for 911.

Proud bushite enemies of God and Man state:


"Heaven Won't Take Marines and Hell Is Afraid They'll Take Over."

See? A bushite is an enemy of the Family, who rapes and
murders for the demon antichrist thieves. Dishonorable to the
core of what it means to be a free man, they die in cowardice,
too afraid to defend what's right as true. A liar, a thief, a
murderer, that is what a bush whore nazi grunt who states life
must die for as lawlessness. They war Humanity as bush whore
slaves for the escape of the neocon liars for 911. (General
Ahmad funded Atta) They support torture by silence, they
support raping women by silence, they support robbing The
Peoples by silence, and they support killing themselves for
FOXNEWS to continue LYING to America about what it costs to be
a bush bitch who chants routinely, "whore yeah, whore yeah"
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of freedom in
Johnny's America to talk openly with the FACTS absent Coast to
Coast hosts Demonic censorship of American voices as Liberty.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


A Zionist liars website:

I didn't do 911?, least not responsible for closing outstanding
criminal investigations on who personally was responsible: Bush and Cheney,
Zionists. Not Jews. Zionists believe Israel should not be defended from
war criminals who bomb Jewish communities indiscriminately to murder
children with millions of landmines. Condi, zionist witch, ordered
the dropping of near seven million land mines on Lebanon, with the first
strike targets to be JEWS pin pointed by the anti-Israeli racist nazis.
Jews, who are so, no matter where we eek out a significance.
CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS with George Norry refuse to take my challenge for
public accountability as Zionist enemies to Life. Nazi Israelis steal
innocent peoples homes, period. Who's in charge here Kangaroo?? Eh?

President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.

Johnny America

How [NAZI] Israeli Troops Invade Homes in Gaza, Brutalize, Smash and Steal

[NAZI] Israeli Sniper Takes 12-Year-Old Girl's Life


Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Gang Members Get Trained in the Army

911 was an Inside Job; say it till they hear It!

Bush Vetos Anti-Torture Bill, Says Torture One Of “The Most Important Tools In The War On Terror”


The Answer





Conspiracy of Conspiracies

March 7th, 2008, George Norry
'Why is it that we can never find the big foot?'

Ask the more good than bad Alex Jones why he refused to ask
Lou Dobbs why he hasn't reported that General Ahmad funded
Ahmad? I know why.. Because Alex Jones once again, with
Dobbs, whored for the demon antichrist's escape for the
treasonous acts of 911 committed in his name.. What is Alex
Jones when he alleges George Norry, who's into killing
innocent kids, is anything but a traitor deserving the death
sentence through public trial? Justice as Freedom?, or more go
nowhere NWO shadow government bullshit to escape the ungodly
zionist neocons personally responsible for the crimes of 911.
I demand a Presidential debate with America where Alex Jones
can't hang up on US, while claiming to ourselves as the
audience, that the truth tellers hung up himself, honest John.
Alex Jones suggested yesterday that ALL those who criticize
himself on anything, without naming names, are just jealous.
Again, Mr. Look! it's a Prison Planet is not qualified to
lead a Peoples towards freedom through Justice wanting.
(Qualified to lead the news however, granted, one of the best,
IF NOT THEE. (Except for Zionism, Health Care, Immigration,
feminine Rights, Banking Issues, and a.. Trade Law))

Mr. George walker Bush is the primary CAUSE for almost all
the criminal transgressions against God in America and abroad,
since the demon stole the initial election back in 2000.
Alex's contention that Mr. Bush and Cheney isn't worth
attacking personally with our Laws on treason for defense,
(all because theys not responsible for nuting, as his NWO
"Puppets",) IS Tyranny of the worst order. Ask anyone,
including Alex if he could get his chumped "ego" out of
the way. Truly, "Socialized medicine" can also mean paying
half as much, with double the coverage. Middle men are our
answer givers when it comes to Americans questioning the
system of injustices inflicted. Did you know: Private
Insurance Companies can clear 70 percent of money
invested? NOW... wHy wOuLd wE Do tHaT? If we had the free
choice to decide for ourselves I mean, "I" am asking "You"??

Justice is what ALL want for 911. The State of Vermont just
ordered all State troopers to not stop Bush on arrestion for High
Treasons. Newsworthy in corporate America? YOU decide, or
don't. Mexican troops, funded by American tax payers, are
selling dope in America for Bush and Co. openly now.. Who
are you going to call?

Who IS running this bushite nazi liar show, where they, our
elite corporate media masters, kill our stupid kids with their
flagrant naked monster lies, while refusing all calls for
clarity, Johnny America really wants to know. Like
immediately. Help us out here some man, don't be evil.

Petraeus Threatens to Murder More Innocent Peoples!

/ / Gen. David Petraeus said. "We can feel it and see it,
and what we're trying to do is rip out any roots before they
can get deeply into the ground." \ \

As the President, I will demand Petraeus explain himself. If
he refuses, I will order the military to arrest him on sight
for lowly treason. We know already, that every bomb that goes
off to murder indiscriminately, that isn't credited by bushite
THIEVING enemies, is blamed on bin Laden, without the least of
any investigation, according to Petraeus' own staff, as so
reported on PBS. He, Petraeus is an enemy of AMerican GIs, by
refusing to order them all to hunt to kill the neocon
terrorists responsible for 911. TREASON is anyone's book.
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of God in America.


Bogus Iran story was product of Pentagon spokesman

/ / Starr added that one American boat had been given the
order to fire, and the Iranians had moved away just in time.

Porter identifies Bryan Whitman, the Pentagon's top spokesman,
as the culprit for the spurious [TREASONOUS] account.

Fifth Fleet commander Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff denied that
his ships had been close to firing on the Iranians. So did
destroyer commander Jeffery James. \ \

Remember, these bushite are trying to con leaderless America
into a another needless conflict, where we die for their
growing riches as war mongering privateers of this, our
'popular will' contesting as defeated already.. Johnny
America for Presidential Election Questions! Or, go back to
dying needlessly then as dunfukked "Bushite", you losered.


Bushite "Hero" makes eight year old run five miles to save the
life of his loving mother, to only after the run, be laughed
at with a refusal to grant the emergency water the soldier
dumps elsewhere. [Remember: demonic bushite enemies of GOD
blew up the water treatment plants to "help" Iraqis.]

[this video is of the same culprit, but different child - seek,
and you shall find the will to bill a 'lawless' bushite for God
and Country..]


U.S. "surge" policy of arming all sides

Look, the bushite has no mind to support these indiscriminate
bombings of our friends and family. To kill a bushite, is to
save the lives of innocent god loving peoples. A bushite is a
lying traitor to civilized humanity, who wars Life to escape
the neocons for 911.


Thermate Used To Drop WTC


President Clinton Speaks on US as Dying Idiots


President Clinton - "We look like [DYING] idiots, folks,
denying that the people who murdered our fellow citizens
[GENERAL AHMAD and Co.] didn't when they are continuing [AS
THE 'ESCAPED"] to murder people all around the world," to
thieve further for the neocon traitors, from a left undefended
"America" silenced by censorship practiced by the demon enemy
George Norry, making lawless and godless, synonymous with good
will and charity. Where’s the reason for George Norry to be
happy about godless tyranny destroying GOD'S undefended
America I ask YOU? George Norry is what is referred to in the
bible as a Demon.

Fight back for Freedom, Fight back for God, or rightly die a
cowardly victim to eternal life's desperate struggle against
the bushite's tyrannical barbarity where indiscriminate
bombings with torture and rape is not worth getting anyone
publicly arrested over, and courts with lawyers are banned to
practice by the war criminals left in charge without questions
given or answered, while YOU continue to pay dying in silence.
Pick up YOUR phone, and make the call to talk radio to-day.
Demand Justice for America, demand Justice for God.

Demon Livney "The world should respect ANY ACTION taken by
[ungodly zionist evil] Israel in order to defend it's

So, UNGODLY nazi Israel can put millions of innocent people in
concentration camps, because hey, it's to protect the enemies
of Mankind who routinely steal innocent peoples homes, while
murdering our children indiscriminately with land mines for
Satan. According to the Jewish/Christian Bible anyway.

Catholic Bishop: 9-11 was inside job

/ / They [the zionist demon antichrist forces of evil] may
well be plotting another 9-11." \ \


U.S. Army Sergeant Logan Laituri - "The problem that we face
in Iraq [AND ZIONIST AMERICA] is that policymakers in
leadership have set a precedent of lawlessness where we don't
abide by the rule of law, we don't respect international
treaties, so when that atmosphere exists it lends itself to
criminal activity," ..by rapists and torturers who OPENLY
practice a hatred for G-D unprecedented in world history. The
Nazis of WWII have nothing on bushite enemies who sing and
cheer on video available at YouTube for the murders of
innocent god loving children. (Just like REAL DEMON censor
George Norry advocates publicly by the way without contention)
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of a liberating
Mankind. So says the Man of men as Son to God always.

A Soldier Wars for God and Country


YouTube Video of american "Hero" throwing a puppy off a cliff
US Soldier throws puppy off cliff.flv - for fun!!!


Those whom kill them both only for the love of God
and puppies, will simply recieve my thanks in tears for being
Human. Death to every last bushite breathing, death to the
enemies of Children and Puppies Loved everywhere. GOD WILL
see all of "Americans" die before allowing those two lawless
demons of the antichrist escape our Wrath. Trust US, I'm


Jeeze, that was quicker than me!.. This looks like a good lead..

/ / DAVID MOTARI: He is now in Iraq, or Hawaii (in Kaneohe
Bay) He is the soldier in the video (see the pics of Iraq on
his Bebo site for confirmation) He married Jessica Thatcher in
January 2008 (google: david motari heraldnet) His wife moved
to Hawaii on Feb 24, 2008 (google: david motari jessica
myspace, choose "nathen - 20", her friend) \ \


/ / The more good than bad Alex Jones says George Norry, (who
has Alex on once every six months or a year to say the NWO
can't be stopped, never mentioning liquefied iron flowing like
water from the towers, Ahmad, or that bush and Cheney are bad
guys for officially closing criminal investigations
[obstruction]) is heroic, I say, George Norry is an enemy to
all Humans being. Again, the demon knows of Ahmad, but
FORBIDS American soldiers from understanding what a defender
of America should know to defend ourselves Judicially for real
freedom. \ \

Accountability is what ALL PEOPLE WANT. The term "Socialized
medicine" is a CON to CHEAT YOU better health care through
science ruled by wiser men greater than Alex as mathematically
provable. Justice is Freedom, Not Alex Jones liberty where
America is destroyed just as Alex says it will be, and there
is nothing YOU can do to save yourself. George Norry has
ruled that Alex Jones will always be forbidden to speak of
General Ahmad on HIS broadcast, and ALEX AGREED TO SUCH TERMS.
Don't even bother to pick up your phone to call someone who
cares for "Freedom" in "America" - unless you're going to
blame Arabs, Aliens, the Illuminati, or big foot.

Phone Coast to Coast and ask the demons how it figures the NWO
plays more a significant role on 911, than "The Puppet" false
accuser, Mr. George Walker Bush, enemy of GOD and Man?

/ / "I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me .
. as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between
her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were heard
the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening to God
and Man as the unholy enemy.]

What ever happened to butterfly kisses after evening prayers?

Are you telling me, an American Father, wouldn't gloriously
kill this lawless bushite TRAITOR and his demonic ilk, for our
love of girls everywhere? Or, how about the UNARRESTED
soldiers we witnessed on video beat shoeless children
practically to death while laughing and cheering? Or like
those that speak zero defenses for Haditha's confessed MASS
MURDERING irrational women and child killers? The REAL demons
CONFESS to going into a house, WITHOUT reasoned approach, and
slaughtering an entire INNOCENT family.. for nothing but
their lifeless SATANIC pleasures. The 'cause'? "The [mass
murdered unarmed innocent neighbor's] back door was open.."
To, for God, gloriously, with love, kill these unarrested
murderous continuing ungodly bushite nazis savages, is to war
the TRUE enemies of Humanity to save the lives of our precious
loved ones.

Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators
- Adolf Hitler, 1938



/ / "It amounts to collective punishment and is contrary to
international humanitarian law."

Hillary Clinton presents herself as a children's advocate.
Think she'll speak up on behalf of these children? Yeah, me
neither. \ \

Support our calls for open debate on our international
channels of state. CBC, CNN, BBC and FOXNEWS specialists, are
warring our lives by forbidding US speaking for freedom's
stake. "A free man shall not be imprisoned" is not ideology,
it is the freedom to be freely communicated. To except CNN
and FOXNEWS is unbiased when it comes to kidnapping and
torture, war criming and poisonings, is to except corporate
news interests do not serve the interests of defending US, the
dying forsaken public. The waves are ours. Let Johnny speak
for public challenge on Coast to Coast.

Bushite are Traitors

Look, you may ask yourself, how could any 'human' in America,
promote the needless deaths of American kids to feed the greed
of EVIL neocons personally responsible for 911. Well, here's
YOUR proof. This "American" traitor michael thistle and co.,
argues not a word against US because it knows we're godly as
true, and the demonic bushite, a soulless enemy of God and
Freedom. A bushite is an enemy of every human struggling
against tyranny. Don't believe US? Just ask the silent
censor of screams for Justice michael_thistle.. Happy George
Norry, CNN, or CBC that REFUSE our calls for true liberty
similarly. Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad, and we have
video of iron flowing like water from the towers. Evidence is

British Soldiers Torture innocent Iraqis to Death for fun as Satanic

SEE? Soldiers who Hunt to kill a bushite, hunt to kill the
enemy of every living person. They are enemies of truth, as
enemies of Justice for Life. It, as a zionist KNOWS, is an
enemy to freedom and God in Britain by supporting indiscriminate
warfare, such as torture by suggesting we have no power to
demand evidence to form OUR conclusions on who is good or evil.

Heaven Won't Take Marines

LOOK! The lawless bushite is warring Humanity to bring about
near what was there prior to them attacking.. THINK: they
are trying to bring about the stability that their continuing
conduct decreases through further LAWLESS rape, theft, and
murder. Bill a bushite for God and America why don't you do
it to save the atheists for Heaven as all included? Bushites
are evil enemies of US all my friend, enemies of US all.

Rule by fear or rule by law?




Willie Nelson - "the politicians that we vote for won’t
stay and fight and they won’t count the votes.”

Nor do the corporate news entertainers happying as
OUR reflection count US as worthy the respect a free
peoples deserve... EVIDENCE FOR 911


Did you know: American tax payers openly pay the salaries
of death squad goons who murder defenseless innocent
families in Iraq TODAY as The Enemy?

Support my call for open communications to demand
Justice for any, as freedom for all.

George Walker Bush, "The Puppet" is GUILTY of TREASON a
thousand and one times over already. We all love Alex Jones,
but this nwo bullshit doesn't apply to the lawless demon
enemies who inflict harm on our humanity because they
confusingly tell US, they enjoy it. Murder, rape and pillage
for the sake of murdering, raping, and pillaging. Look, I'm
sure we'd be able to easily work out our differences, if
George Norry's amerka would take our calls for clarity, on
Justice ruling our ways to a fool's paradise where those
accused of a crime without any evidence would be US, as the
INNOCENT forsaken in God's good name.


Look, November 7th, the demon antichrist stated he and the
neocons ordered the murder of more than a million innocent
Iraqis indiscriminately because, he was simply enforcing UN
resolution 1441. HE LIED. [how else could the UN officially
declare bushites as war criminal? NO CAUSE!!] And
multi-million dollar salaried, "American" reporters, who full
time, claim to represent American interests while you slog
double full-time for corrupt private bankers, refused to call
him on it to defend ourselves from his easily provable demonic
tirades against God as the innocent. On the scene, and still
today... YOU, as American are TRULY dying for George Walker
Bush's continuing LIES. Johnny Wizard is Forever King of
this moment being. If you can't believe it is important for
you to raise your cries for justice likewise, we're all going
to be done for lost to indifference. Defeating the neocon is
serious business my brothers, serious business.

You and I

Our Demon Enemy Lying Leader Mr. Bush speaking recently, “You
and I believe in accountability”, “People should be
responsible for their actions”, “My number one priority is to
protect you” “All human life is precious and deserves to be
protected.” Just words from the demon in HIS nation that drops
47,500 lbs. of bombs to indiscriminately murder Iraqis while
paying [whoknowswhere] salaries to 80,000 al-qaeda in a nation
the antrichrist forces occupy, all the while, holding George
Norry a great host for supporting the war crimes of bushite
thieves who target innocent children to steal further from our
undefended America. As George Norry happily sends CONNED or
cowardly America to their treasonous doom, for the zionist
neocons personally responsible for the terror crimes of 911.
The George Norry is an enemy to God and Humanity by conning
Americans into not allowing open line communications on any
relevant human interest story involving the criminal sacrifice
of Justice for America. No, instead, more bullshit on AREA51.
AREA 51 where toxic waste is illegally burned for cash profit
at the loss of REAL American lives paid for in CENSORED
collateral. You die as An American for the treasonous con of
Coast to Coast hosts who forbid open dialog on the reasons for
why YOUR nation wars innocent others to thieve from.
Remember, the REAL DEMON George Norry gives an endless stream
of bushite dumfuk who endlessly praise George for supporting
the neocon murders of more than a million INNOCENT PEOPLE by
forbidding truth to be sought concerning our circumstances.
And YOU, yes YOU, are meant to feel alone in your concerns on
the fact that the neocons are trying to escape their rightful
arrest for the crimes of mass murder. Al-Qaida = General
Mahmoud Ahmad. George Norry is a DEMON traitor who's con is
on just playing happy as a polite demonic sadist, who silents
on for the murder of soldiers - who are as dumb as we come.
George Norry deserves to be TRUTHFULLY exposed for what he
denies as America's privilege, freedom and justice for all.

/ / It was a lie. The FBI has reported that no such call between
Barbara Olsen and Ted Olsen ever took place on 9/11/2001. \ \

Then Ted Olsen needs to be arrested also for the conspiracy
to murder his "loved" wife..



Thug Cop Beats Up Defenseless Handcuffed Woman

/ / did not lead to criminal charges \ \

Is This God's Will for Humanity?


/ / None of the police officers or commanders involved in the
FATAL SHOOTINGS […] will face criminal indictment, \ \

Is This What a giver of Love to the Glories of Life, want made
for the innocent godly lives of others continually left for
murdered? Is a pro torture zionist obscening on America's
Grand Stage, not truly an enemy of GOD?, when it thieves from
any as ourselves held in self contempt? So too, a murderous
enemy standing unchallenged in the land of the coward as home
of the slaves? Johnny's America?? HEY PEOPLE!! Torture IS
against the law, and warrants the death penalty.. So, support
the Holy Debates for God and Country, and let's bag US some
bushite nazi vermins to save a Great America for the Gipper.

Enemies to life and freedom to believe are the bushite, as
sworn haters to Liberty supporting in silence, lawlessness for
theft, torture, indiscriminate bombing, and slave labor.
Can't argue with the facts against US, only to know, it wars
God and Man to die everyone an evil victim to it's hatred for
love and wisdom. Support my demand for open international
debate against any as all bushite bombers for the demon
antichrist false accuser, Mr. G. W. Bush.

Note from Johnny to Americans: Torture is Criminal

/ / The AP report added that the alleged smuggled arms from
Blackwater employees “may have been sold on the black market
and ended up in the hands of a U.S.-designated terrorist
organization.” \ \

"excuses", "excuses", "excuses"


/ / Please, gimme a break. You're saying that by prosecuting
a company with an institutional commitment to war crimes we'd
become communists? Maybe you've been drinking the Bush
koolaid for too long, but in the regular world when people
commit crimes, they're prosecuted. \ \

The YouTube video of BlackWater randomly shooting a great many
Iraqi children for pleasure, then stating they, as 'lawless',
are justified because only one of the great many random Iraqi
murder victims are associated to a green flag in the vicinity,
is still Capital Murder. EVEN IF! the Mahdi "Army" ordered
the rightful execution of every bushite THIEF on Earth, to
defend our innocent lives from these self proclaimed rapists,
torturers, and MURDERERS. To kill a 'lawless' bushite robbing
to death Iraqis, Americans, and the Chinese along with
everyone else, is to defend God and dying Man from the demon
evil enemy terrorists who "believe" the zionist neocons TRULY
WITHOUT DOUBT responsible for 911, are good guys with lots of
our stolen monies to give away freely. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of Humanity in America.

/ / You are right, employees of Blackwater are sub-human and
should be hung from bridges and burned. Oh wait, that already
happened. \ \

Remember: most bushite war criminal mercenaries are not from
America, but losers from self defeating military dictatorships.
Again, aim true. Thankx.

taxi to the dark side

Save Our Souls





/ / Soon after encouraging Iraqi residents to return to the area,
the US military bombarded the Latifiya district, south of Baghdad \ \


[antichrist ENEMY of GOD] Bush says US will waterboard whether legal or not


"More Than 250 Torture Victims Come Forward to Sue CACI"

Americans! Hunt to Bill CACI, AEGIS, and BLACKWATER for
Freedom from Tyranny, or don't and die your innocent
neighbor as yourselves held in self contempt.

America's Scalia supports the worst of religious fundamentalisms

Scalia "We don't pretend to be some Western Mullahs who decide
what is right and wrong for the whole world," Is it wrong to
shoot Scalia dead immediately as a sworn enemy of liberty in
crazytown, or do we have to wait until CNN reports that Bush
never even won the initial election back in 2000, that then
People'll figure, finally, these guys want to torture innocent
people as our enemies you say!?

Again, we as Humanity, only have countless examples of
bushite kidnapping innocent people and torturing them to
death for the satanic pleasures a bushite boasts as lawless.
[look up Cory E. Jones, or Cofer Black]

You as a real man, bill the bushite terrorist who supports
torture in war time under AMERICAN LAW. You bill a bushite
traitor to America, for warring Humanity with indiscriminate
bombings to escape the neocons responsible for 911. You bill
the bushite for it's ungodly contempt for the value of freedom
yearned by every human being. Death to the bushite, death to
the enemies of God and America.

How to create an Angry American

Ron Paul Calls For March On Washington DC

Scalia "Is it really so easy to determine that smacking someone
in the face [TO DEATH] to find out where he has hidden the bomb"

Death to "Judge" Scalia for high treason through public trial.
For, how does a mindlessly sadistic illiterate bushite nazi whore,
K-N-O-W a bomb is hidden somewheres, nor near anything else as
it pertains to real Freedom operations? The Son of Man pleads to all
men to, joyously, with pride, bill a TRAITOR to FREEDOM bushite
nazi grunter for all.. ah! Death to all who promote torture
through censoring this voice for the defense of the innocent
in war time.


Be a Man, Take a Stand

'47,500 lbs. of bombs were dropped by bushite on innocent people'

Life thanks all honorable men who Bill on sight, the bushite
God betrayers who bomb people in Iraq indiscriminately to
please the neocon zionist enemies responsible personally for
the crimes of 911. To save the lives of innocent families is
the result of killing a 'lawless' bushite that has no care to
defend America in war time. They war for the antichrist enemy
of Humanity, to torture and thieve, as enemies to Justice is
as freedom to be. Be a man, take a stand.

Reagan "Our government has no power, except that granted it,
by the People."

/ / He ordered Sergeant Vela to fire, and Sergeant Vela complied
immediately, Sergeant Hensley said. \ \ SEE? The enemy bushite
is an enemy of every innocent man, woman, and child of Earth.
The Son of Man begs you to Bill the bushite to defend our GOD.

Nazis Target Bethlehem Manger, Murdering "Mary" and baby child

See?, demons exist!

More settlers videos: "We killed Jesus, we are proud of it!"

Now, see.. wouldn't YOU hate those that hate GOD as ourselves?
No, AMERICA is GIVING these NAZI monsters MORE billions in 'free'
cash to murder and thieve more from Creation. Just like an
ungodly bushite does, when it murders for blind obedience to
the unelected zionist neocons who truly committed 911.

The Corporate Bush Whores

The Corporate Bush whores, who lie to die our naive sons and
daughters for stolen profits given to those personally who
committed 911 must pay with public trials for their contempt
of the value of our forsaken lives. Those in the air force
responsible for indiscriminate bombings to murder our innocent
families, and those that torture innocent people to death,
must be tracked down by every living Man, and executed through
public trial for a love as God that will never die. Death to
the bushite liars, death to the enemies of Justice for any.
Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad, and we have video of iron
flowing like water from the towers. Evidence is Everything.
Everyday, bushite nazi grunts indiscriminately murder our
loved family members for lawless mercenary forces to further
rape America, and TV news crews couldn't care less for our
forsaken lives if they tried. Fight back for life, fight back
for God. We want Bush and Cheney arrested immediately without
bail for closing criminal investigations on 911 immediately
after the terrorist event of no questions occurring. Be a


Or, CNN will smile while watching innocent people executed for
The crimes of 911, solely on the fact that you were
un-mercilessly tortured By Cofer Black. Accept CNN's refusal
to provide evidence to form America's Criminal conclusions,
and you will be done for through self contempt. Be a man,
hunt to bill a bushite betrayer to God and America. Support
My demands for the facts to be presented through our media

"the Pentagon is seeking executions of innocent torture victims
who allege they did every last terrorist act of the last 50
years" This "The Pentagon" person must be tried publicly for
execution. ANY politician, soldier, or cop who disagrees will
by hunted by US, the surviving Human species, Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of GOD as Justice.



GLORY OF THE CORPS - A Real Man Speaks for Freedom

Coast to Coast hosts wont take our calls, but they did take several
demons on Wednesday, one in particular who figured he could be
a "god" too, by supporting the indiscriminate murder of Iraqis
to defend the evil zionist neocons in hiding. But, what did
GOD in Iraq have to do with the bushite responsible for the
DEATHS of 911?, or the DEATHS of all Arabs in around the naive
age of 15? George Norry didn't ask.. Another demon witch
allowed on our air said at great lengths, she appreciated that
the demon antichrist Bush lies continuously to dying soldiers
because that's the only way to blindly defeat terrorists..
(evil = good) George speaks nothing but happy silences in
trusting warmly with dying US all for ignorance as belligerent
criminal negligence. Again, the demon enemy of God refuses US
to open communications on any relevant subject involving the
sacrifice of American lives. Staying happy, he figures that's
all it will ever take to defeat Americans lost in doubt on his
contempt for all Peoples lives, is to simply forbid knowledge
from escaping his charade. He told US previously, he'd go
ballistic against any soldier who refused a criminal order.
So, when marines are asked, as reported, if they'd murder
their own parents without reason for the glory of the Corps.,
would George Norry shoot "them" as traitors for asking simply
now why would WE do that? See something here my friends
behind these great words of wonder? Demand open
communications regarding our demands for the arrest of those
truly responsible for the crimes of mass murder in America on
911 back in New York city.

I am Challenging America to a Presidential Debate

"Ron Paul's Name Crossed Out On New York Ballot Papers"

'New Hampshire was criminally stolen from every Patriot American'

Look, where is American supporters to demand a fair election?
All in with the idiot libertarians who state all government is
to be left un-accountable as bad themselves perhaps? Ask a
libertarian, "are traffic lights an effective way to improve
traffic congestion"? Or ask, "did you know buying in bulk is
cheaper"? Then take in the hilarity of them flashing "tilt!",
as the ball in play is drained from their game as loser'ing.


Enemy Bushite of God defends Torture as "legal" without magic TV debate

"So, there you have it: we torture, consider it legal"

No, my friends, torturing innocent people to death is as it will
always be, a crime warranting the death sentence. We need to get
US together, and form a posse.


Just another "Accident"

Look, these bushites shot dead innocent children. Just like George
Norry would. So, do YOU think they wouldn't murder YOUR child as
enemies of GOD?

[Bushite Enemy] Troops Asked If They Would Shoot American Citizens

/ / U.S. troops are being trained to conduct round-ups, confiscate
guns and shoot American citizens \ \ George Norry, or course, would
be there with those that would murder their own family, if
it means, one must obey the Corp. as a Bush whore, blindly without



Again, corporate bush whores, are enemies of God as our human
spirit. They refuse to listen to our voice on demands of Justice
ruling our ways to defend our forsaken lives. Al-Qaida = General
Mahmoud Ahmad. God Rulez.



"He claims to be a follower of the Torah of Moses, but as
far as I know the Torah prohibits oppression and prohibits
injustice and prohibits stealing people's land and property."

Again, demonic zionists are ENEMIES of the Jewish faith.
They lie to cheat at murder for money. Money paid for by
American tax payers to murder innocent Christians, Jews, and
Arabs. The pictures of zionist offspring, signing their nazi
family name to cluster dud land mines, were FIRST used
against Jewish northern communities in Lebanon! Not CNN
newsworthy.. Why? Because Condi, unelected demon witch,
sent herself, SEVEN MILLION land mines to be strewn over
170 towns and villages to murder OUR children indiscriminately
for decades. Sent after a truce had been called, and an end
to the zionist nazi conflict was at hand. CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS
crews are not working to defend our interests as God's, but to
support zionist censorship on mass murder committed by the
ungodly bushmob demon liars. Bill a bushite terrorist
for freedom to be America. Bushite bomb our families
indiscriminately, while claiming as traitors to LIFE,
BlackWater is 'lawless' to rape America further without
defensive Judicial reaction. Do you think bush bitch George
Norry will allow Your America to understand this as important?
Will you willingly go to die as crime victim for the still
happying as wealthly, George Norry?, or will you speak in
defense of your own world left denied falling to die?

Again, realize: George Norry, the indisputable pro-child
killer, forbids Americans to understand: General Ahmad funded
Atta. And that iron flowing like water on video tape exists.
The demon states the antichrist ["not Bush", the demon lying
capital false accuser, who immediately closed outstanding
criminal investigations on 911 while claiming to be a
Christian, and all those who appose with independent thought,
evil terrorists] is actually the guy who states he's of GOD!
Where demons? I, The son of Man, CREATOR, demand America
prove their great love for Freedom, a "truth" they promote as
practiced, to continue hiding the lies committed by treasonous
neocons responsible for 911, and so on... Remember: Coast to
Coast hosts don't mention no specific individuals responsible
for the terrorist acts of 911 learned from official
investigations done by the honorable in the FBI, and a great
many others, no, why? Their chauvinistically contemptible egos.
For example: we're hugely more wise on health care, and
they'd rather DIE AMERICA, before allowing us to speak in
challenge to their irrationalisms, that truly cost everyone
more money by staying dumb on the issues. See? I support
open debate, while national bushite broadcasters boast of
happy times to see US suffer for more pled ignorance hiding
sadists, like the coast to coast radio host, George Norry,
who's into murdering innocent people in war for no better
good, or reason understood. Or, one worth mentioning...

US Asking Iraq for Wide Rights on War
[Nazi antichrist forces demand no laws apply to their criminality]


Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction

Do you have any idea how EVIL this is? Does George Norry care?
Care that American women are raped by these 'lawless' enemies of
Humanity, and to protest against rapists, puts an American forsaken
behind bars.. to dare defend women in pro-child killer George Norry's
"America.". Sick, truly sick.

What you don't see on CNN: Video of Settlers Firing on Palestinian Shepherds in South Hebron Hills


/ / Real Jews don't murder innocent people to steal their
rights to Life for money. Nothing worse than a Zionist nazi
"jew" with money they never earned, but stole in the names of
the suffering Peoples. \ \

Afghan 'blasphemy' Death Sentence

Where are the demonic liar bush bitch illiterates to defend
our freedoms? Remember: bushite push heroin while bombing
our families indiscriminately because they say, they do it to
defend the demon liar neocon enemy of Humanity who profits off
the crimes of 911. Bill a lawless bushite enemy for America
my Patriot brothers and sisters. Do it for God, do it for

"A million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail"

Zionists ARE enemies of GOD and Liberty. They murder to steal
from US, the poor, to feed their hatred for Humanity, and as
the true Jew of Jews, the Son to God. Why hate ME? Because
I'm honorable?, brave?, and wise? by demanding the arrest of
zionist terrorists who thieve from ourselves, such as the
neocons for the crimes of 911. ?

War, What's It Good For?

Warning the Demon G. W. Bush was given personally:

/ / "The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict
mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack
preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or
no warning." \ \

What did the demon do? Didn't warn anyone, and went on
vacation, but really, according to official documents dated of
those days, worked top secretly on his invasion of Afghanistan
plan with Rice, and Rumsfeld for Enron. Pension thieves
Enron. Does George Norry, the pro-child killing censor of
cries for Justice care? You really think so? Ian Punnet, the
sick nazi phuk who states he's seen the loose change videos,
but still believes the towers fell as a natural consequence of
two planes missing WTC7 entirely.. you think he cares to see
American teen soldiers sent to their deaths irrationally for
the bounties of wealthy evil neocon zionist liars? What does
Art Bell care of INNOCENT Christians murdered by nazi israel
for stolen loots paid for by the MADE uniformed tax paying
American huckstered audience? Coast to Coast "Hosts" will go
happying, instead of US, the innocent forsaken they leave
forbidden open communications. Americans are understood by
the entire human species, to be painfully ignorant as
Chauvinistic know nothings, who rape and murder from our
Humanity to benefit themselves dying from censorship, and look
at where it's gotten everyone.. Bombing Our very own innocent
families who dream of a better life for all though freedom,
that only comes by the ways of Justice understood as measured.
I'm willing to Challenge America to a Presidential Debate on
successes we've achieved as the governed for enlightenment. A
person accused of a criminal offense without any evidence is
innocent. And worth MY protection. NewsCorped America is not
qualified to lead any group committed to understanding why we
have laws to serve ALL people equitably for freedom.
Certainly, we all could easily learn this though, through
lively trial and error by public debate, if we had an open
mike policy on a national level to talk directly with these
trying times at the best of our capabilities of listening. I
demand my calls for open debate against all neocon zionist
enemies world wide be taken up seriously for the betterment of
all peoples lives.


/ / Perino Dismisses CPI Study: Truth On How We Sold The Iraq War Is
Not Worth Spending Time On \ \

Just die irrationally for the for real antichrist enemy of Humanity,
you cowards..

/ / US President George W. Bush and his top officials ran roughshod over
the truth in the run-up to the Iraq war lying a total of 935 times,
a study released Wednesday found. \ \

Hey, just LYING to murder a million or two defenseless, innocent people
for the zionist neocon, whom state their official policy is to lie,
cheat, and steal from America as 'left' undefended after 911.


The Fix Is In

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You


The "Shock and Awe" Gallery

"The killing of innocent civilians is policy," veteran Mike
Blake said. "It's unit policy and it's Army policy. It's not
official policy, but it's what's happens on the ground
everyday. It's what unit commanders individually encourage."
Not true. We have plenty of examples of official policy such
as no cause whatsoever for the war period, and FOXNEWS. Then
of course, "mad Dog" Mattis, "bush bitch" Blount, "rotten"
Russell. Or Sattler's, that ordered the indiscriminate murder
of more than two hundred thousand INNOCENT people of Fallujah.
As just one example of many. Billing bushite is saving
Humanity from the actual, for real, antichrist forces of
demonic evil mentioned in every Bible. Bill a bushite enemy
of America, for a bushite is minimally a thief, a thief that
wars the innocent of Humanity to help 'escape' the zionist
neocons for the crimes of 911. Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud
Ahmad. And there is a mountain of molted iron under where the
towers fell. Die bushite die.


/ / Such an action constitutes a clear and unequivocal crime
against humanity [AND G-D if you truly believe]. \ \

On Nov 29, 2:06 pm, mike3 wrote:
> On Nov 29, 12:59 pm, Release the Press

> > Why would god will the destruction of life for a criminal thief?
> God didn't will it. Man willed it.

Well, a criminal willed the murder of another, and now it
thinks it can't be arrested because it says for US to do so,
would be anti-Jew. And no, I'm sure Johnny would word it in
today's climate, arresting a murderer for murder. See? A
true "Jewish State" would be one where all people were treated
fairly, as the actions of a peoples who believed in God as
holy an' righteous. Not thieving terrorists killing people to
steal further from our good graces.

Good God Man

Coast to Coast radio hosts are traitors who forbid the
American Patriot to know: General Ahmad funded Atta, and that
we have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV "Not Associated with Cervical Cancer"

Again, CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS with the coast to coast radio
host celebs are enemies of God as the Human race. Reagan
would have guaranteed, with his War Crimes Act, to have
publicly executed Romney's buddy for the torture of innocent
people Cofer Black freely confesses to have kidnapped. Yet,
CNN whores America to ride on that torture is Reagan's best
bud. Romney, who's demonically evil religion IS centered on
Satan's temptations against Adam and Eve, forbids a belief
that black people are not worthy the godly freedoms granted
all sentient beings, all because Romney has magical 35 year
old underwear it is waged. DUMB. No, CNN forbids such truth
in dialog, but to say, a Ron Paul newsletter of near twenty
years ago, suggests he hates blacks because the Federal
Reserve is printing money for their own private profit at the
loss of every American wage earner.. blahblahblah. Bushite
are OPENLY selling tons of heroin, and cocaine, while bombing
our communities indiscriminately. Not newsworthy. Gates has
taken responsibility for dropping 47,500 lbs. of bombs in
Baghdad to murder people indiscriminately in a city the
bushite terrorist thieves OCCUPY as openly demonic. Gates
will receive a death sentence by the will of US, as just
another bush bitch zionist neocon war monger threatening
Humanity with more indiscriminate murdering. P2OG - designed
to KILL America with naked neocon terrorism disguised as
"Patriotic". Remember: near none in the entire Bush
administration has been ever elected, yet, they bomb the
innocent with lies for "Democracy." [The Innocent is ourselves
for you beginners out there...]


/ / The AMSI statement continued: "The bombing entirely
targeted homes of residents in the area and resulted in the
deaths of dozens of innocent civilians, including women,
children, and elderly people, in addition to wounding a
comparable number." "This dastardly crime clearly demonstrates
to the whole world the ugliness of those who committed it,"
the statement went on. "It shows that they are totally
unconcerned about people's lives and do not care for the honor
and esteem accorded to human beings in all divinely inspired
religions." \ \

/ / Nazario separated a young Iraqi, [around the age of 10]
known as "Number 2, from the group and led him into a bedroom
where he [as loyal bushite enemy] shot him with his rifle. \ \

Calling all Lawyers, Judges, and Police Officers

We shall track down every bushite charged under all military
"Judges", and publicly try them for execution as: aiming to
and murdering, innocent people - to thieve from US all for
ungodly zionist necon LIARS. While American gun owners from
any number of gun groups will bill any and all bushite who
grunt their satanic disapproval of freedom as Justice for All.
We shall bring the perpetrators of 911 to Justice before Man,
bar none. God is Risen - die bushite die.

Orders given to the bushite child killers of Haditha:

"anything that moves you kill and don't take any prisoners."

Nazi bushite lawyer's surmisal to war criminal "mad dog"
Mattis: "If the defense version of events is true, dismissal
of the charge is justified." No, they would be just as
assuredly guilty of aiming to and murdering innocent people as
enemy of Life bushite do with bogus dumfukker excuses.
Killing bushite is saying to God, you really care. A bushite
is an enemy of America who wars innocent Humanity


Re: God Damn the Corporate News American

This blog apears in what nation? Israel? The nation that....for centuries....are being targeted for DESTRUCTION!

If it was not for Mr. Bush, Israel would have been NUKED!

The UN...like with your pal...HITLER....were silent then...as they are now.

When one nation wants the destruction of another...it is an act of INTERNATION WAR!!


George Bush and us AMERICANS are HUMAN SHIELDS between Iran and Israel.


Look at a map. All conflicts souroung the destructiopn of the jews....an act of WAR..INTERNATIONAL WAR!

Re: Re: Woman in Black vigil at racist Sabeel conference

Look at our websites. Women in Black don't oppose Zionism- we oppose war and racism. Sabeel has a racist , exclusionary agenda- it should be opposed. Good for these men and women. They are brave and true

Re: Re: Woman in Black vigil at racist Sabeel conference

so therefore we can assume that all Women in Black groups are anti-Zionist, so that they support Palestinian nationalism but oppose the rights to only Jewish national self-determination Just want to be clear on this, since that basically makes them a racist group. Groups truly in favor of peace and justice don't deny self-determination to one and only one people, while supporting it for every other self-defined national group.